A Little Help for My Friend

Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

Our friend and brother “Art Q Public” (Arthur Pollock) needs financial help to bridge the gap for the next two months. He reached out to me and I was compelled to get the word out.

When I was in prison, with my family’s finances in shambles, Art sent funds to my commissary account so that I could avoid having to eat the prison food on days that it looked dangerous. He also sent funds to my husband to help make ends meet with my resource stream dried up.

In addition, Art flew Colin up to a few freedom meetings to represent our family. Not only was Colin grateful to see the support at those meetings but I was even more grateful, knowing that I was not alone.

Art is a true patriot and I don’t want to see his family devastated when all they need is assistance to get him through for a short time.

If you can help, please consider sending Art any financial assistance you can via a U.S. Postal Money Order. He can’t cash checks, so a money order will be greatly appreciated.

Whether you can help out financially or not, please pray for Art and his wife, who is ill and needs regular medical care (which is part of the reason they have run into this snag).

I want to show Art the same level of support that he showed me in my darkest hour, and I am asking you to go along with me and be a fence around our brother.

I thank you in advance for anything you can do to help Art.

Sherry Peel Jackson


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