A Milestone For Me

Sherry Peel's son Morehouse College GraduationYesterday my son graduated from Morehouse College.

It is a historically black college for men. I was very happy because I missed both of my children’s high school graduations while languishing in prison. I asked the Lord to not let me miss their college graduations.



President Obama Morehouse GraduationPresident Obama was the commencement speaker and as you can imagine, security was out of this world.

My son had to be at the school at 6:00am but people started lining up at 3:00am and by the time we arrived a little before 6, the line to get through security was a half mile long.

We sat in lawn chairs from 6:40am to 1:30pm while it rained off and on. They gave us plastic bags with hoods (ponchos) to wear, which were little help in the end. Many people evidently did not grasp the fact that we were going to be outside on the lawn AND that the weather forecast said 60% chance of scattered showers.

They came with short, tight dresses and 4 inch heels, with all kinds or up do’s (fancy hair styles). By the time the procession sat down (the procession was over an hour with over 500 graduates and 400 alumni) all that hair was all over the place, the dresses were stuck to the bodies and the four inch heels were off! My cousin and I had a good time giggling at these transformations.

I wore slacks and sandals with a blouse and sweater. In addition I brought my plastic rain scarf, but everyone was thoroughly soaked just the same. After Obama spoke, to my surprise, 40% of the audience got up and left. How Rude!  I thought this was about the young men! Evidently people obtained tickets from these gentlemen just to see Obama and they weren’t interested in seeing these young men. It looked like half the alumni got up and left also.

The parents and other faithful family members hung in there till the end. I told my dad that that rain stay made up for all of the baseball and football games that I never attended, being that I am not a big sports fan. We took a few pictures and then went out to eat dinner. I am so proud of my son. For those of you who didn’t read my books yet, in 2008 when I went to prison he received the Oprah Winfrey scholarship. So, while I was in prison Oprah paid for my son’s college education. Isn’t God great!

I have one more to yet graduate and we will see if my graduation (May 2014) will be before hers. She changed majors and it may throw her behind a few semesters. I am not complaining – I have great children and I am thankful and blessed that they have not become negative statistics. They both will succeed in life, they are resilient over comers.


5 thoughts on “A Milestone For Me”

  1. So thankful that you were blessed to attend your son’s graduation! Still it is heartbreaking to remember you missed your children’s High School years! Why were there so many that left early; were many from the Media? I can’t imagine sitting through Obama’s address unless one had family graduating!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am so very proud of your son and so happy you were able to attend his graduation. I think having President Obama give the commencement speech is something you or him will always cherish. There is no better example of never giving up on your dreams no matter the odds. And how to persevere no matter how many hurdles are put in front of you. God Bless you and your entire family.

  3. Hi!
    So happy that you got to see your son graduate.
    God love you.
    By the way, I purchased all 3 of your books and enjoyed them.
    Additionally, I would not want Obama speaking at my graduation commencement; he is bad news.
    Thank you!
    Lise from Maine

  4. Congratulations to you and your son, Sherry. Glad to know things are looking up. Wishing the best for you and your family.

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