Are Americans Becoming Dumb And Dumber?

Riddle me this…

  • Why does the U.S. score below 29 nations in math?
  • Why does the U.S. score below 22 nations in science?
  • Why does the U.S. score below 19 nations in reading?
  • Why have 11% of U.S. children 4-17 years of age been diagnosed with ADHD?

Maybe this video can answer the riddle.



1 thought on “Are Americans Becoming Dumb And Dumber?”

  1. Quite frightening. No wonder home schooling is growing in popularity. And the drugging and indoctrination of our children begins earlier each year. When I was a kid, school did not begin until after labor day. Now it begins the first week in August. And all of us had our hunting guns in our trucks and cars in the student parking lot, many of them plainly visible through the back glass in their gun racks. And all of us carried pocket knives for sharpening pencils and working on wood in shop class. Yet there was not one single incident throughout the length and breath of America of a school shooting or knifing. But of course at that time no one had ever heard of ADHD or Ritalin or Prozac. These facts are kept carefully hidden from the masses. I also believe that forced integration was a huge mistake that contributed to the problem. When I was growing up, my black friends were not forced upon me. I chose them because we had shared values. Force breeds resentment, anger and acting out. Plus, there was a healthy and beneficial academic competition between white and black schools that benefited both races. That is gone now. Left alone, the schools would have gradually integrated on their own accord, as my parochial elementary school did. Kids with shared values just naturally flock together regardless of relatively unimportant differences like ethnicity. Karl Marx plainly stated that he could make good little socialists out of anyone if he could just begin their indoctrination in the early years of their public schooling. He was right. No one should even consider putting their child into a typical public school.

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