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5 Pillars of Ministry Growth and Financial Wellness

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Many small and mid-size churches are struggling, narrowly getting by; their pastors are at risk of having at least one of five areas of operation that need immediate improvement…
“Learn The Five Areas - The Mistakes, That Many Pastors Make Regarding
Church Finances, Taxes, Church Growth and How and Why You Must

Avoid These Mistakes Now!”

You can avoid big problems by gaining ministry insights that guarantee that your church structure is built on a solid foundation. Way too many pastors and their administrators think everything is ok, when in fact, it’s not!

Also, too many Pastors are working a secular job in order to support their church or ministry vision; their current financial organization is left lacking and can be a target for those that seek to destroy the good works of God’s shepherds.

Minister Jackson urges Pastors to never assume all is well with church management, financial, tax, legal and other related areas. In this book, Minister Sherry Peel Jackson aims to take pastors, church administrators and their congregations by the hand and describe Five Pillars that will lead to Church Wealth and Ministry Health.


“Sherry has been a blessing to us in the accounting and financial area.  She
worked hard to make sure we understand the importance of sound financial policy and procedures and she helped us set up our books and internal controls so that we wouldn’t have any business office issues.  She is an advocate for keeping the ministry safe and running smoothly. When our church was ready to expand and start new autonomous ministries Sherry was there to lead us through the tedious process of forming a non-profit organization.  Her knowledge of the process got us our non-profit status in record time.”

—Pastor Eileen Hunt


How To Stick It To The IRS

Confessions From A Former Insider

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My name is Sherry Peel Jackson and I'm a former IRS agent and a retired CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner. For seven and a half years I audited businesses, individuals, and ministers for the Internal Revenue Service.

I am here to teach you what IRS agents and auditors learn when they are in training, discovering how to conduct audits.I'll show you how they select businesses to audit, the procedures they use and how they think. I'll reveal and explain some of the questions they will ask business owners and I'll let you know red flags that pop up on business and individual tax returns--shining a bright light on you and your business. I will tell you how to prepare for an audit in such a way that can stop them from coming to audit you again.

This book is for business owners who want to learn how and why businesses are selected for examination, and how to prevail in an audit. This book is also for new start-up businesses and ordinary people that want to avoid trouble from the beginning, and it's for businesses and individuals that are already in the middle of an audit and want to get the upper hand.


Sherry describes various ways that the IRS attacks unsuspecting Americans and how you can maximize protection for yourself and your family. Loved the book!

—Joe B.

The author goes into great detail about how the IRS works and operates. I give this book 5 stars for the author writes about how to stay out of the IRS' way in the first place. She reveals never to underreport your income along with other never-to-do things. This is an easy read for those interested in this subject matter.

—Arthur M.


How To Escape The Rat Race:

Four Keys To Acquire The Life Of Your Dreams

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What's Inside

Sherry Peel Jackson, a retired Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner and former IRS agent artfully teaches what she learned over a span of over 30 years, while sharing the results of the vicious cycle called “the rat race” – mental breakdowns, broken marriages and even suicide. I’ve even seen people resort to crime, such as embezzlement, just to get relief from the drudgery of the race. Of course there’s a better way.

There are many financial gurus out there who tell you all the wrong ways to escape the rat race. They’ve told you to do everything from get an extra job to sell your house and live in a commune. Many of you have followed their advice but it didn’t free you from the race.

Wealthy people have escaped the rat race. Do you want to escape? Here’s where you learn how. The wealthy people that I interact with haven’t followed traditional methods in decades. Some of them never followed the television gurus at all. They don’t invest in the traditional manner that we’ve been taught via main stream media.

In this book, I will show you the steps to get off at the next exit ramp. You’ll learn how to be financially free by decreasing your expenses and increasing your income. You’ll also learn the proper way to save for future purchases and to invest so that you will have resources in your latter years. You can be out of the rat race in as little as 2 or 3 years if you prepare and follow a plan. You’ll also learn how to help others escape with you.

What People Are Saying


If you are serious about changing your life's circumstances and are willing to follow instructions from someone who has "been there, done that," then this book is very insightful and is a guide to start you on your way. Great info for a great way to escape.

—P. Brooks

This book made me think differently on how I spend my money and what I am doing with it. I lack education in creating wealth and this provided with some perspective on what I need to do to better my financial outlook.

—Micheal B.


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The books have been created by Leading Financial Consultant, Retired Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Former IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson of Sherry Peel Jackson Consulting.

Her books encompass many financial, tax and legal topics that can truly change your life! SPJC has been serving clients for over 30 years and we are known as the nation’s leading voice for Pastors, Individuals and Families, Women Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. Our team has taught thousands of people how to take control of their own financial destiny and guide their business to profits and growth through Sherry’s powerful business, tax, and legal strategies. Ordering theses books today is something you can’t afford to miss!

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