Sherry Peel Jackson's Consulting Programs

Church Consulting Packages:

I’m here to offer confidential help with

  • Strategic Financial and Administrative Solutions
  • Tax Planning and Audit Solutions
  • For-Profit Business Solutions

You can reserve personal consulting time with me to help your ministry thrive and give you peace of mind.

1 Hour session consulting package includes my book, Church Wealth, Ministry Health.

2 Three-hour consulting package also includes my book. (The three-hour pachage does not have to be completed all at once.)

Go to the "PROGRAMS" tab to see the life-changing Modules made specifically for pastors, minsters and church staff to step up to the next level.

Speaking Engagements:

Please contact me if you would like me to conduct a live workshop or seminar for your ministry. I conduct powerful workshops all over the U.S. for Pastors, their Guests and their Congregations. I can facilitate a Friday night session for pastors and ministers only and a Saturday Morning session for their Congregants.


Church and Pastoral Assessment:

During this assessment, I will put on my ex-IRS agent hat and perform a thorough walk-through /review of your financial systems and protocols, review your administrative policies and procedures, interview staff members and scrutinize your internal controls. Other areas that I will evaluate will be your organizational structure, insurance, budgeting and strategic planning.

This assessment can include a look at the pastor’s personal financial situation, if requested, to determine audit and/or lawsuit risk. At the conclusion of this assessment, you will receive a written report, a one-hour consultation to explain the report and give suggestions for improvement, and a telephone or on-site follow-up at least three months later to assess the status and observe the improvements. Travel and lodging expenses are to be paid by the client and will vary based on location.

Explore My Five Tailor-made
Church Wealth Ministry Health Modules

Here’s What You’ll Get in The
Church Wealth Ministry Health Modules:
(Each program comes with up to 7 modules and 10 hours of one-on-one consulting)

Preserving Financial & Administrative Integrity

You'll learn:

  • How To Write And Implement Proper Policies & Procedures
  • The Importance And Implementation Of Internal Controls
  • Acceptable church accounting methods
  • The Importance Of Key Man Insurance
  • Proper Documentation For Guest Ministry Gifts
  • and much more!

Planning To Win The World

You'll learn:

  • Ways To Attract And Keep Loyal Disciples
  • How To Create Unity And Synergy Within Your Congregation
  • How To Create A Viable Church/Ministry Budget
  • How To Prepare and Implement a Strategic Plan for Church Growth
  • The Importance Of Developing Strategic Partnerships In Your Community
  • And much more!

Protecting The Pastor & The Church From The IRS

You'll learn:

  • The #1 Way Pastors Are Selected For Audit and How to Overcome It
  • What Constitutes Minister Salaries versus Gifts
  • Pastor & Minister Tax Savings Strategies
  • Strategies To Avoid Pastoral Audits
  • How To Handle An IRS Audit If You Can’t Avoid One
  • And much more!

Planning For Perpetuity

You'll learn:

  • How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income
  • What The Wealthy Do To Stay Wealthy
  • How To Avoid Retiring Broke By Creating Your Own Elegant Solution
  • Your Recipe For Financial Freedom
  • How To Restructure Your Personal Affairs For Maximum Wealth
  • and much more!

Preventing Ministerial & Pastoral Prosecution

You'll learn:

  • Ways to protect your pastor and church from lawsuits
  • The dangers of nepotism in the church
  • How to avoid embezzlement of church funds
  • How to protect your congregation from identity theft
  • Methods of damage control in case your church faces a lawsuit
  • And much more!

Bonus Program!!!
If you purchase 2 or more of the above programs you will receive the Bonus Program - Producing Effective Internal Controls as a bonus gift from us!

If your know you need my help, or if you just have a few quick questions before taking the next step, you can request a FREE 15-minute strategy session with me today! (to qualify you must be a pastor or minister)

Note: I will quickly answer 1 or 2 questions during the Free 15- minute strategy session. If you need more information, you can consider purchasing one of my Church Consulting Programs.

Note: If you desire additional help through our Church and Personal Assessment or any of our Church Wealth, Ministry Heal modules, please note that these modules are all premium training programs that will require a large commitment of your time.