December 2011

Who Are We?  (Two Contrasting Videos To Make You Think)

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is the fact that I am now home with my family. We should be thankful and give thanks every day, and that is my goal.

However, there are some observations that I made over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. People are concentrating on the minutia. They aren’t excited about learning to start home-based business but are excited about buying the latest cell phone with Internet access. They aren’t excited about improving their children’s education and revenue opportunities but they are excited about getting their children designer clothes so they won’t be laughed at by classmates.

One of the scary things that I observed via the Internet was how people act when big sales are announced. Please watch this 11-minute video and see what I mean. People abandon reason just to obtain the ability to purchase a whole bunch of junk made in China!

The reason for my concern is that when things get crazy people seem to turn on each other. I remember what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Many of the New Orleans residents were bussed here to Atlanta. My church, along with many others, rallied to help these “victims”. The stories we heard in person were ones you would never hear on television or on the radio. The gist of the matter was that when the hurricane hit people lost their minds. Women were raped, people were mugged, homes and businesses were looted and people lost their lives because other people just didn’t chose to think rationally. Can you imagine what would happen if our vital services were interrupted for a short period of time?

Who are we as a people when we no longer respect our fellow man?  Who are we when we start operating on an animal level without even a thought of the long-term consequences? What does it mean now to be an American, as opposed to what it meant in, let’s say 1948? Check out this 1948 video to remind you of who America used to be

I want your feedback on this dilemma. Watch again this 11-minute video Let me know if you agree with the producer, and what you are doing to prepare for the coming economic/social/political earthquake. Am I the only one concerned with our plight?