February 2013 Newsletter

Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

A few days ago a business colleague sent me the link to a video and he strongly suggested that I watch it.

Today I had a little time and clicked on the link. Immediately I noticed that the video was an hour and eleven minutes long. I thought to myself, “I don’t have but about 30 minutes before I want to leave and head to get dinner and go to class, so I’ll just watch it for a few minutes.”

As I started to watch this intriguing documentary I couldn’t stop, even with the untimely commercials imbedded in it. It was riveting and I found myself heating up to the point that I had to take off my suit coat! I was getting angry and started to rock back and forth as I watched, but I couldn’t click the “sign out” button and leave. An hour and eleven minutes later I did sign out and leave, but not after getting a CLEAR picture about America, The American Dream and what I have to do from now on to save myself and my family from what’s to come.

I urge you to take the time to watch the entire documentary and make your comments below.

I want to know what you are thinking about what needs to be done concerning this place we call America and this ideal we call The American Dream!

8 thoughts on “February 2013 Newsletter”

  1. I’ve seen videos like this. Many many books travel to several different countries to see first hand Also on a global scale just how the wealthy operate, this is more information of basically the same thing as to what’s truly taking place for those that view the video if they can understand one major point about the wealthy is that they. Are coldhearted, self-centered, arrogant, selfish and at the end of the day downright evil. To amass incredible wealth at the expense of innocent people and CAUSE!!!!!!! the masses to be hungry, homeless, downtrodden, full of despair, discourage at the hands of a very very few extremely wealthy people that in fact could help the entire human population on the planet And don’t because of greed and self-centeredness it is time to take two or three steps backwards and stop looking at a picture and start viewing a portrait for what it really is and understand that at this point nothing has worked To bring about a fundamental change that would enhance the life of the masses of human population upon this planet. Now when I see you must understand that nothing has worked no religion, no church, no faith-based organization, no movement, no protests, no hanging holding signs up outside your building non-of these things have worked nothing not one thing and the proof is that these people are still alive and functioning and going on about their daily lives as if everything is okay. Now where I’m at today is looking for a completely different unheard of never done before never thought of before wait mythology to change this because if we continue to sit down and watch videos talk about what they’re doing what’s going on is not going to bring about a solution just as the same as they have think tanks to think about their ideas and objective the people at the bottom here

  2. Also need think tanks but not sit up and think about doing the exact same thing we’ve done before protest get signatures it must be something they have never done we never done we never tried why can I say that 2013 and were still watching videos like this Koch! whatever the outcome we will just have to take it two too three notches higher and get to another level in the process Of bring about a change stop!!!!!!! think!!! how many times have you heard about the Wealthy? how many times have you heard about what the rich are doing? how many times have you heard about the poor and downtrodden people at the bottom and what do you say to yourself? enough is enough!!!!!!! it’s time to make a serious change but how!

  3. Thanks Sherry for this post. I am coming to the conclusion that “we the People” have to act as one, in mass, and stop paying taxes which fund these evil people. The second action must be to ferociously hang on to our firearms.
    Unfortunately, the church is still asleep or they still believe our tax dollars are funding the needs of poor people. (We are all soon headed for the poor house ourselves, BTW.) I believe we must try to wake people up one at a time. And I am seeing some evidence of this awakening because the recent gun confiscation threats and the drones flying over American cities are making people realize that their government is really an evil group of people who do not have their best interest at heart. Far from it.


  4. This film mischaracterizes the position of Ayn Rand by equating it with the Koch brothers, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, etc. None of those people are libertarians as the movie states. They are statists who love using the power and violence of government to forward their agenda.

    Our government is based on one principle and that is force. Force is behind every statute, law and edict. Ayn Rand was against government by force. She believed as do Voluntaryists, Anarchists and classical Libertarians that the free market can and will address all the needs of a society, peaceably, by common consent and mutual contract.

    That is what I believe. Nobody has a right to rule over me and tell me how to act; especially not over the barrel of a gun.

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