January 2013 Newsletter

Bias and Deception

As we start the New Year many people that I talk with have a common theme for 2013:

  • A Clean Slate
  • A Fresh Start
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Purity

These are ideals that are being expressed in conversations all over the globe. There has been so much deception in the past that people are just plain tired, fed up with the status quo. People want real change, not pocket change or lip service.

Although we wish for better lives for ourselves and honest information from our leaders and the media, that’s not what we have received and not what we will receive in the near future.

So many people are looking to others to be their savior. I read part of a book about quantum physics. This book proclaimed that from birth we have someone to tell us what to do, and as adults we still long for someone to tell us what to do. Some may disagree with this hypothesis but if you look at our society today many people are depending on government, media, churches and universities to tell them how and what to think.

If the entity people depend on is not distributing truthful information then the masses are actually being manipulated, and herded into the corral of thought in which the entity wants them to reside.

For example, I have talked to people that will swear that the income tax is used to “run the country”. When I ask them the source of their information most of them go blank. They can’t tell me where they read or heard it but they know that it’s true, just as strongly as they know the sky is blue. When I show proof and tell them that the gas tax pays for the roads, the ad valorem tax pays for public safety, the Federal Reserve is not federal and that social security is broke, they actually get mad at me and call me a liar even though I showed them the source of this information. They refuse to admit that they have been brainwashed for decades. The media and the other entities count on this knee-jerk reaction from the masses.

Did you know that there was another shooting two days after the tragic massacre in Connecticut? This shooting was in San Antonio, Texas. The shooting involved a man that started his rampage in a restaurant and ended up moving his evil into a theater with hundreds of people! The story didn’t make the national media. Why? Because the gunman was taken down by an off-duty deputy in the theater.

Read the news story here: http://bit.ly/Unqoi8

It’s my belief that if that deputy had not been there to defuse the situation, and many were shot and killed, the story WOULD have made the national media. This story is not in harmony with those that want to take guns away from the populous, so it was ignored.

Did you know that during the course of 2012 over 400 school-aged children were shot in Chicago – a city with some of the strongest gun laws in the country? Why wasn’t this headline news?

Read the news story here: http://bit.ly/ULA35O

When those that “report the news” leave out news that’s not in accordance with what their handlers want the masses to know, those that refuse to do their own research will be deceived. Then, when they argue “their side” many times they are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong!

So, how do we get the masses to understand the fact that the media is biased and that they need to research the issues and not take the establishment’s word as gospel? Can we get them to understand that when they follow the logic of the talking heads there’s always another side of the story that probably involves the stripping away of more liberty and freedom from “We The People”?

I propose that, just as in this country a person is really guilty until proven innocent, that we look at all of the drivel the media circus puts out as false information until we research it ourselves. Then if it’s verified though original sources we can believe it. Sometimes this method may be impossible to implement but at least we will create thinking people instead of sheeple that parrot the lamestream media.


First 2013 Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking in Knoxville, Tennessee Monday, January 14 as stated below. I would love to meet you if you are in the area.

The East Tennessee Research Institute presents, Sherry Peel Jackson, Social Activist.

Mandarin Chinese Restaurant
314 Merchant Drive Knoxville Tennessee 37912
Exit 108 (Merchant Dr.) off of I-75
Phone: 865-689-4800
See Map

6pm-7pm Dinner (your own expense)
7pm-9pm Speaker

Free handouts will be given
$5.00 cover charge per person