January 2015 Newsletter

Design Your Future

The year 2015 will be the year of spiritual, social and financial awakening!

I am hitting the ground running with my Karatbars business and my consulting. The seven years of famine (2008 – 2014) are over for me, and I believe for many of you also.

Let’s start the new year off with a bit of introspection and lots of commitment to be better people.

As in the past, I am attaching QUESTIONS TO DESIGN YOUR FUTURE. I complete several of these sheets during the last four days of each year. I visit the forms during the year to track my progress, observe any changes and celebrate victories.

Please take the time to print off several of these forms and complete them before Monday, January 5th.

I believe that you will be greatly blessed by setting, tracking and achieving goals like I do every year.

Have a blessed and prosperous 2015 – I will!



  1. What do I want?
  2. Why do I want it? (Why is it important to me?)
  3. What am I willing to give up to get it?
  4. What is my game plan/how will I get it?
  5. What specific knowledge do I require?
  6. Who can assist me?
  7. What is my time frame?
  8. What can I do TODAY to get started?


List ALL of your goals on plain paper.

Categorize the goals into:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Family
  3. Personal
  4. Business
  5. Other

Select the top three goals, place them on goal sheets and work through the remaining seven questions on the goal sheets.

You may complete goal sheets for more than the top three goals, but usually the top three goals feed into accomplishing all of the other goals, so completing goal sheets for all of the goals may not be necessary.

Source: Coach David Martin, EmpowerMax Performance Coaching Systems

My Challenge To You

Commit to yourself that 2015 will be the year you’ll establish and work on your dreams and desires. Complete the Questions to Design Your Future and then come back to this blog post and post in the comment section your proclamation that you are committed to Design Your Future.


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