July 2015 Newsletter

Fraud And Corruption At Its Worst!

I am not surprised that in a nation where the people have forgotten God things have spiraled out of control.

The Ten Commandments are just like a nursery rhyme and the rule of law is turned on its head. Here are just three examples of how human beings destroy the lives of others for their own personal gain.


Massive Tax Refund Scam – Affects thousands and there is no end in sight. CBS News.



Despite Subpoena and Preservation Order, Lois Lerner Emails Wiped by IRS



Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption.



Will we ever learn the universal law of sowing and reaping? “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” –Galatians 6:7


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5 thoughts on “July 2015 Newsletter”

  1. There are two races of people, Decent and indecent. Sadly, the decent seem to be outnumbered.

  2. Hi Sherry, we must not forget the nation is nothing to GOD and any one that thinks that GOD is with any nation has had their eyes blinded (John 12:40)

    Now to a better note, what do you think will happen to a people who vote themselves a King or a Central Communist Committee to rule them locally ?

    GOD does not rule from a Nation of King does HE ?

    Open their eyes with knowledge from GOD of the Universe.
    It is always nice to hear from you,
    Your Brother in Christ our Lord, ROG

  3. Hello sherry! My name is Joshua and I have been watching endless videos on you and I must say I’m very proud of what you stand for and all you have done! Your fight is not over and trust me you have people backing you! God being the leader!

  4. Sherry,
    I am impressed by the way Adam Kokesh backs up your message about the IRS and the tax system in his new book Freedom.

    It is available free on line as eBook PDF and
    as audio book. http://thefreedomline.com/freedom/

    Two short passages give an introduction:

    Freedom is the ability to exercise your will within your rights without the threat of force from anyone else.
    It’s really that simple. You own yourself. No one can claim even partial ownership over you without violating your rights.

    Taxation is Theft

    Theft is when someone takes something that doesn’t belong to them. Either governments own “their people” as slaves, or taxation is theft. You own yourself. Therefore, taxation is theft. Because you own your body, your labor, and what you acquire by trade, taxation is theft. Governments are institutions used by the super rich to concentrate wealth and power. Since they are not earning money by offering goods or services for us to choose from freely, theft is their primary mechanism. Taxation is just a word that makes us more likely to go along with massive, widespread, organized theft.

    By abolishing government we will achieve a world free of miserable victims and miserable victimizers.
    We will create a world in which all relations are free of force and coercion.
    We will see each other as partners in the human experience, united in our desire to live free and realize our potential.
    We are destined to build a society based on respect and cooperation.

    Lincoln B. Justice abundant.KINdom@gmail.com

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