June 2013 Newsletter

IRS Spies

IRS – Why Am I Not Surprised?

Within the last few weeks accounts of IRS abuse and harassment has been prominent on television and on the Internet.

First, the story of non-profit status denials to Tea Party and other conservative groups angered conservatives nationwide. Next we heard that thousands of your hard earned dollars were spent by the IRS to purchase a movie studio and make silly movies (one of them actually maligning my all time favorite show – Star Trek).

Then we heard that they spent $50 million on employee conferences and retreats in just two years! Here are some of the stories if you missed them:

Crowd Erupts in Thunderous Applause When Leno Says Obama Should Close IRS Instead of Gitmo



“You’ve Forgotten Your Place” – IRS Targeted Tea Party Leader Tears Up During Passionate Testimony



Bombshell: ‘Proof’ IRS committed felony



IRS exempts terror front group over tea party



Congress Probes IRS Tax Dollars Spent Making Star Trek Video – Forbes



Lerner’s Practices Predate IRS



I heard one of the hearing panel members ask the question, “What was the IRS thinking?” I can easily answer that one. Being that I am a former IRS agent I know what they were thinking.

IRS employees are taught that they have the full backing of the United States Government and that whatever happens comes down from the director’s office (from on high) or is sanctioned by someone else or is okay just because they want to do it.


Many of them think they can do anything without negative consequence because it’s true. They have literally gotten away with murder (destroying homes and families).

Look at Ms. Lois Lerner still drawing a paycheck while she is suspended. Look at all of the prior abuse that has been proven and nobody got fired.

Look at Timothy Geithner, who was the top dog. He had not paid taxes and as opposed to being prosecuted got a slap on the hand and was allowed to pay the taxes and still become Treasury Secretary.

This man KNEW that he was supposed to pay those taxes and he was even given the funds to pay the taxes. However, his nonpayment was disclosed when he was being vetted by Obama. As “smart” as he is he got away with saying it was an “honest mistake”. For him, ignorance of the law WAS an excuse.


Timothy Geithner’s Tax Problems – Washington Post



Geithner’s Tax History Muddles Confirmation – WSJ.com



Now this is a blast – Congressman Charles Rangel, who was the head of the House Ways and Means Committee was also caught not paying taxes and was only stripped of his chairmanship of that committee. There was no prosecution for him either. He has the nerve to chime in on this current situation:

“We have found a cancer in the office of the IRS in Cincinnati,” admitted Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., noting the investigation could lead to a grand jury examining criminal charges.

How about the pot calling the kettle black!


Rangel under tax evasion investigations while promoting income surtax – WSJ.com



Charlie Rangel accused of being tax cheat



By the way, now I will reveal to you that the IRS is attempting to extract $350,000 from me, the little lady from Georgia convicted of a misdemeanor, the one that has already served 3 full years in prison while these guys are out there still making millions and raping YOU!

Are you really surprised that IRS employees think they are above the law? Are you really surprised that IRS employees that are atheists are abusing their power by targeting pastors and other Christian organizations? Are you surprised that these employees regularly leak information to their friends about people and groups that they chose not to like? I’m not!

As long as they keep raping the American people via the income tax they will continue to have almost unlimited resources to stifle liberty, cause poverty and ruin lives and families while they enrich their handlers.

As long as congress lets the abuse go on people will suffer. As long as WE THE PEOPLE sit back and complain about what our slave handlers do without some definitive action it will continue to happen. Selah, pause and think about that!

“You cannot correct what you are unwilling to confront. What you permit will always continue. Behavior permitted is behavior perpetuated.” Mike Murdock.


7 thoughts on “June 2013 Newsletter”

  1. We need the fairtax, and get rid of the irs totally. That will go a long way in stopping the corruption in Washington, However I don’t see this president allowing that to happen while he is in office, next best thing is to vote in 2014 and get rid of those politicians that don’t conform to the constitution

  2. No to unfairtax. We made it just fine until 1913–indeed, prospered–with ZERO tax. Anyway, Americans working for American companies aren’t subject to legislation by Congress. Most people don’t know this.

  3. We don’t need the FairTax, flat tax or any other tax scheme. What we need is to educate ourselves on the actual nature of the current tax scheme and stop applying to it classes of persons upon whom it has not been imposed or otherwise made liable. There are 3 classes of persons upon whom the Income Tax has been imposed: foreign corporations earning US source income, non-resident aliens earning US source income, and US citizens living abroad and earning foreign income while exercising the functions of a public office. One other class of persons has been made liable for the tax imposed upon the first two: US Persons (i.e. withholding agents). That’s it! Read Dave Champion’s book, ‘Income Tax: Shattering the Myths’ for the BEST, most indepth coverage of this topic I’ve ever read.

  4. File a UCC-1Financial Statement with your Secretary of State, claiming your CORPORATION NAME that they are using in COMMERCE. This was done when a BIRTH CERTIFICATE was created for U at birth without your Parent knowledge. This was fraud, but is that any different than anything else they have done or doing? GOD BLESS U

  5. God Bless you Sherry Peel Jackson. I know it is difficult, but we need you now more than ever. Get out there and spread the message as wide and far as possible. Let the world know you were a political prisoner of this monster know as the IRS

  6. The problems we have in this country are because nobody knows what “direct taxes must be apportioned” means anymore.

  7. Yes! Just finished reading that amazing, eye-opening book!

    Minor correction: the first 3 classes are “liable” for the tax, but it is “imposed” on the US persons when they are handling foreigner and non-resident aliens’ money.

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