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Preparing For The Future

Sherry Peel Jackson GraduationThis month I am developing a new life plan. As stated in the May Newsletter, I finished grad school. Many of you wrote me and informed me that I failed to mention the degree program. I received a Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Luther Rice University & Seminary.

As of now, in addition to my part-time job, I will be speaking on finances and women’s issues at different conferences around the country.

Many people have asked me when I am going to do another speech on taxes. The answer is that I won’t be. People that are searching for truth will find it. It is now time to start talking about solutions to our problems.

I believe many of the solutions lie in our mindsets. We must abandon complacency and apathy in order to implement change, but many people are comfortable with the status quo. I know that most of you are not in that category, but we need to find others that are willing to step out of their comfort zones.


Debt has put a stranglehold on the vast majority of humanity. From cradle to grave we are strapped with debt not only of our own making but from the government leader’s propensity to continue to kick the proverbial can down the path just a little further every year.

I am in the process of watching a SyFy Channel series called Continuum. This show starts out in the year 2077, where the world governments have failed but the corporations (that were too big to fail) have taken over the entire world and people are chipped with debt indicators.

For each infraction, like not obeying a government rule, a person incurs more debt by having units (call life credits) taken from their chip, which lies in their wrist. For each person that doesn’t pay their debt they have to go work in a factory in a small cubicle making more chips – debtor’s prison.

The show gets more interesting each episode. One episode talks about a large corporation called “Sonmanto”. I would like to pick the brain of the producer and writers of this show! If you don’t have the SyFy Channel, as I don’t, then you can get it on Netflix, like I did. Netflix has the first two seasons.

I was so intrigued by the show that I purchased the third season, which is now in progress, from Amazon.com. Evidently someone involved with the show thinks this is where we are going, because some of the people from 2077 get transported back to 2012.

Take a look at this show and you will see the similarities in where we are now. That’s why it is so important for me to talk about ways to avoid this coming tsunami.


As a woman, I can see the negative trend that has been established in our lives. Not that everything was rosy in the “June Clever” days, but women have lost their way.

Since I believe strongly in the stability of the family I also believe that it is substantially up to women to get the family back on track.

All of the depressing statistics about crime, drugs and suicide exist partly because women have abandoned their God-given responsibilities. The self-respect is gone and has been replaced with low self-esteem and dependency on others. When women re-establish their place in the home, become the mothers that they are supposed to be and the leaders that they were born to be then many of our issues will be straightened up in a generation.

For example, I have observed that many women, no matter what race, raise their sons to be soft. They aren’t intentionally doing this (hopefully) but when they clean up after them, don’t teach them to cook, bail them out of ALL of the trouble they get into all the way through life, these boys become males that expect something for nothing.

I was talking with a friend just yesterday that expressed her anger at a 37 year old man that consistently runs to his grandmother for money yet she is paying someone else every two weeks to cut her grass. When my friend asked the grandmother why she gave the grandson money all the time, while she owned two lawnmowers, and was paying someone else to cut the grass, the answer was, “I never thought about it.” Here lies the problem.

We are not thinking about the consequences of the way we raise our sons. When they grow up and meet a woman she will be expected to cook, clean and do everything for him because that is the way his mother did. I know plenty of women that are commanded by their husbands to make sure there are no dishes in the sink at bedtime but the husband, nor the son never raises a finger to help with cleaning the kitchen, because his mother always did it.

In raising daughters, women are sending them wrong or mixed signals. There are an alarming number of women that are single parents. We won’t get into how that happened but suffice it to say that many of these single mothers are preaching one thing to their daughters but acting in a totally opposite way.

I will cut this argument short by saying this: There is a difference between a male and a man.

A male is attracted to a different kind of woman than a man is attracted to. We need to teach our daughters, nieces and granddaughters how to be attractive on the inside, and keep their “boonshakalacka” covered up when they are out in the public. We need to teach them to let people know that they are much more than the body parts that are overly exposed. I think you get my point.

I know some of you don’t agree with me and don’t think it’s that important to educate women, but this is where the Lord is leading me. Especially after being in a women’s prison and seeing the carnage left behind by bad parenting. The overwhelming majority of the women that were in prison with me were raised by single mothers and most of them were single mothers themselves. A difference must be made and it starts with the person I see in the mirror every morning.

In closing, I would like to encourage you to view the presentation link below. It lists 20 careers of the future. These are projected to be top professions 10 years from now.

You may want to, as I did, share this with high school and college students right now so their diplomas and degrees won’t be obsolete soon after they graduate.

20 Jobs of the Future



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2 thoughts on “June 2014 Newsletter”

  1. Sherry, you have not stated one thing that I am able to disagree with. I just read this to my wife and she says you are wonderful. Kudos! (A man who
    respects good women)

  2. I am fairly new to your site and up until this article I have always agreed with you. I think to an extent what you are saying about raising children is good, except I feel as though society in general is the problem. We live in a materialistic society driven by the idea that success equals how much money you make and what type of job you have. I feel success is how you treat others and how you contribute to your community without the reward of money in return. We are all driven to work, work, work……until we can retire which we will be too old to even want to do stuff to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We have others raise our children so we can afford to house them, I have heard of children who respect their fathers a lot for providing them the best of everything, unfortunately they don’t KNOW them, like they don’t even know what their favorite color is. The simple things you find out simply bu just hanging out and doing nothing, lounging around. I envision a future where we don’t need to pay to live, where we can just be, we have the technology available to make it possible. Imagine the crime rate gone, because 98% of crime is committed in the pursuit of money, if we take away that or give everyone everything they could possibly want or need, no one would need to claw and scratch their way to survive in this caste system of horrors. There is an abundance on Earth for no one to go without their is just a lack of money to buy it. Money is the root of all evil, it should be free to live, we are the only living thing that has to pay to live. We are slaves as long as their is a monetary system, period. So the idea that we are not raising our children to be providers being the solution to making a better future is fleeting in the eyes of the big picture. We need change the ideologies of what a free person is and what it really is to love unconditional and to truly search for security and joy. Imagine the world if everyone had everything they needed and we all decided to choose unconditional love rather than laws and judgments. A world where you don’t have to fear someone will jurt you in the pursuit of money. We could have it no one to stop all humanity if we choose that over judgements and poverty. We could say sorry we reject your monetary system and we have it worked out amoungst ourselvelvs like rational adults should. Or we just decide for not to print everyone 5million until we work out the kinks in the free world.

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