March 2012

Rumors, Wars and Rumors of Wars

We don’t have regular television at the Jackson house. One reason is that we don’t have much time to sit and veg out. Another and more important reason is that my dad taught me “garbage in, garbage out.”

There is so much JUNK on the idiot box (my mom’s name for it) that it boggles my mind to think about how many hours adults and children spend sitting in front of it.

My name for the television is the electronic income reducer for adults and the electronic intellect reducer for adults and children.

I do take time to relax and unwind sometimes, so we have Netflix, and watch shows like “Star Trek” all but the “Enterprise” one, I don’t like that one. Netflix also has some of my other favorites like, “The Wonder Years”, “The Night Stalker” “Lie to Me” and “Jericho”.

I also watch documentaries that reveal the demise of our food, secret attacks on foreign countries and the things done to people that defied the powers that be.

I usually get my news from the Internet. There are several great sites like “The Sovereign Man” and “Unfiltered News” by Ed Griffin. In addition, friends send me news flashes and video links to stories that are developing and that concern all of us.

Lately I have been seeing stories of wars, rumors of wars and the end of America. I don’t have lots of time to read because I have a series of 25 page papers and tests for school.

However, sometimes I take extra time to read. I am not stupid. I know that things are declining at a rapid a pace. I know that we are “at war”. I know that there are rumors of attacks on Iran.

I know that there are rumors of the dollar declining even more, unemployment rates rising sharper and the housing and commercial real estate markets falling deeper.

The question is, how long before the excrement actually hits the portable cooling device and then starts hitting us?

Some would say it’s already happening.

These are the people that have family and friends in some foreign country fighting to enrich the military industrial complex. Others are people that have lost half or all of their pensions and investments, or have lost their homes.

Still others are people that have lost the value of their homes (like me) and now owe over $100,000 more on the puppy than the current fair market value. For the record, my father was right. He told me when I was only 14 years old, “There will be no middle class.”

Of course, at 14 I had no earthly idea what he meant. All I saw is that we had a house, a car and a TV. Now as an adult I see clearly the wisdom he had back in 1977.

So why is it that those of us in the middle class are hanging on by our fingernails while the banksters, politicians, wall streeters and other wealthy people are breezing along like nothing happened in 2008?

It’s because:

  • They were involved in the planning of the situation or had foreknowledge of it.
  • They learned how to make their money make money for them.
  • They learned proper asset and law suit protection so that nothing would be lost.
  • They don’t invest much in IRA’s 401k”s and Mutual funds – they invest internationally.
  • They’ve learned how to set up private interest foundations and international corporations.
  • They actively take part in making sure the universities don’t teach these secrets.
  • They have us so wrapped up in TV and other entertainment that we don’t want to learn.
  • We invest in cars and houses; they invest in silver, gold and international real estate.
  • We get a little money and end up wearing it or driving it. They invest it.


Okay, this was not an exhaustive list, but you get the picture. Either we are ignorant (we don’t know) or some of us are ignant (we don’t want to know – Sherry’s word and definition).

So what do we do to correct the ills of inequity here in our country?

Do we march around Washington and New York and demand that the government fix the problem? Do we spend all day listening to the talking heads on the radio and call in to give our two cents to men that get paid to keep us venting on their shows so we won’t vent physically or take real effective action?

Do we keep on being rats in a gilded maze, working till we have a stroke, not having tasted life, liberty or happiness? I say NOT!

Here is what I would like to do:

I would like to start a dialog with you on how we can correct the wrongs that were done to us and the ones that we did to ourselves in not being the people we were meant to be.

How do we start to get out of debt and build assets? How do we learn to invest in things that will have a guaranteed rate of return instead of pouring into a stock market that is supposedly rigged in the first place?

How do we ensure that our children learn to manage and grow resources (Not FRN’s) so they won’t get themselves into the terrible situation we are in?

For those of you that are wealthy or at least self sufficient, I would love for you to give us tips on how to get beyond survival mode. I won’t give your names, so people won’t be contacting you directly.

In the end either we will overcome or we will sink into serfdom. I want to overcome and thrive.

How about you?

Join me in being part of the solution instead of part of the problem.