May 2013 Newsletter

Why Are They Trying To Kill Us?

I read a lot about health. It may be because I am getting older, but surely when I started researching all of the government and corporate fraud the subject of health came up.

I learned that the artificial sweeteners out there are ticking time bombs for brain and nervous system problems.

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World


I learned that sugar is a drug and high fructose corn syrup inundates most products, even ones you wouldn’t suspect.

Sugar: The Sweet Thief of Life


I learned that the meats being manufactured are highly toxic.

Why US Meats Are Horrendous: The Vulgar Truth About What You Eat with that Steak or Burger


I learned that many pharmaceutical drugs are under tested, over priced and have a healthy natural alternative.

Natural alternatives to the top 5 most prescribed drugs


I learned that many fruits and vegetables are so full of pesticides that even people that think they are eating healthy are becoming toxic dumps, not understanding why their health isn’t improving.

How to Find the Healthiest Fare in Meat and Produce Aisles


I learned that food shipped over from China has been found to be very lethal.

FDA Halts Imports of Farmed Fish From China


I learned that genetically modified vegetables and meats have been found with major problems for our health yet companies like Monsanto have been insolated against law suits.

Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic


Genetically Engineered Salmon


So, why are the powers that be not interested in eliminating all of these problems? Why are they trying to kill us?

Do they eat this food? Do they get their groceries from the traditional supermarkets? I think NOT! I think this is about profit and about population control.

I’ve found that it’s like a vicious circle, a revolving door. They allow that toxic trash like margarine and high fructose corn syrup, and Frankenstein foods like GMO corn and salmon to flood the market, enriching the companies that mass produce chemically sprayed fruit and vegetables and waste based by-products.

They allow the large companies to cram thousands of chickens pigs and cows into barns, often eating their own feces, and then sell these diseased animals to us in the form of “healthy meats”. I am pretty sure they buy organic food. I wish there was somebody up in Washington (Creepyville) to shadow these folks and see where their staff goes for groceries.

The lobbyist fight to keep this sick system in place, the companies give millions of dollars to your congress critters and they get richer, always able to buy organic, and the people get sicker and full of disease.

Then, enter the pharmaceutical companies. “We have a drug to help you!” they say. They pump you full of gook that they say will offset all the gook that was on your fruit or in your chicken. Then they get richer. Then they send lobbyist to Washington to make sure they are immune to law suits against you when you become disabled by all of the side effects of their drugs!

Is this madness or what? Why are we letting them kill us? Why aren’t we taking a stand? Do we feel that we don’t have a choice? Has it really gotten to the point that we have given up and literally become sheeple?

What are you going to do about the health of yourself and your family? I’ll tell you what I will do.

I will forgo movies and entertainment (it’s trash anyway) and buy organic foods. I buy free range chicken from White Oaks Pasture in South Georgia. I go to the farmer’s markets and buy organic fruit and vegetables and eggs from free-range chickens.

My health is more important than convenience. My family’s health is worth staying out of the mall and staying into organic foods. My life matters, at least to me.

I don’t believe in petitioning Washington. The lobbyists have that territory sown up. Those of you that believe your vote or your letters make a difference to those folks are living on some other plane.

I believe in taking personal responsibility for my health. Here are some of the resources that I use to research and to find healthy foods.

PLEASE add to the list by e-mailing me ( ) with your healthy alternatives to manufactured killer foods. I pray that you will detoxify your body and your mind.

Health Alternative Resources

Dr. Mercola


White Oaks Pastures


Azure Standard


8 thoughts on “May 2013 Newsletter”

  1. Greetings Sherry,

    I really appreciate your input, but I hear so many different viewpoints that I often wonder which is the correct route to health or anything else. I recently listened to an interview of Tony Pantallersco ( ) that turned many of my previously held truths on their head…now I am wondering just which is true. I’m going through the same thing regarding global warming as it is easy to find totally contradicting viewpoints, ditto peak oil, chemtrails/comtrails just to name a few. I know the truth is out there, but sometimes wonder where it is hiding.

    We all “know” that we get mostly slanted lies from MSM, but I have found that many rely upon input from them as the ultimate believable source…I have a problem with that way of thinking. but still seek truth. Sorry for the rant.

    Thanks, for what you do,

    Mike Eck

  2. you are very right about the health problems in the USA. Women need to feed
    our children clean foods and prepare them ourselves. Only then will you truly
    know what you are eating. And get a juicer to add raw foods to the family, it is
    so much we can do for our family health.

  3. Mercola is a quack. Flat out. Most of the hysteria over alternative medicines is fomented by people (like Mercola) who hope to profit from people exploring their alternative medicine options; none of which have been shown to work in clinical trials. If I may, I’ll offer a few links of my own. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast takes these quacks to task, frequently I’m rather fond of for highlighting news of the day that relates to health. If all else fails, a stop by will help you spot the quackery in your life.

  4. Good luck to the above “quacked” R. Anthony Steele who is obviously on a different planet. Alternative medicines ARE doing great things as the FDA works to poison us while making common sense, low cost treatments harder to use. The FDA closed down many great healthy clinics in the 90’s. I worked for Dr. Luc DeShepper who wrote FULL OF LIFE and I recommend it and alternative medicine to anyone.

  5. The responses concerning the FDA’s goals are simply not true. The people who believe these conspiracies are simply grasping a straws, hoping that a magic potion will be discovered that will cure what ails them. This simply isn’t going to happen.

    Do you know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine. Aspirin is a natural remedy taken from the bark of a Willow tree. It is medicine.

    I’d love to see some psychological investigation into the minds of people who tend to believe these convoluted conspiracies, into the minds that craft them. I’m really at a loss to explain why anyone does believe the, when the testing and science is there for anyone to see.

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