December 2012 Newsletter

Moving Forward

We have come to the last month in 2012.  Baring any spectacular events that may occur in the next 30 days, this has been a long, slow-moving year for me.  That’s partly because it took so long for my books to finally roll off the press (everyone that pre-ordered should have their books by now) and partly because of my transition from government captive to being figuratively free to pursue my goals and dreams during the last four months of the year.

I will be glad to put this year in the history books and move on to a bold new 2013.  First, I’ll concentrate on selling the books.  I have received great reviews, especially about “Wrongly Convicted”, and I plan to vigorously promote all of the books so that people will get a good look at the prison industrial complex.  I will mount a campaign to sell the books and produce other products and services that will meet the needs of those that also want a bold new 2013, and a life of thriving and not just surviving.  Stay tuned!  Review the books.  They’ll make great Christmas gifts!

Wrongly Convicted by Sherry Peel Jacksn

Next, I’ll concentrate on my assignment as a women’s ministry leader and motivational speaker.  I am finishing my degree program in December 2013 but I will start speaking as early as January 14th (in Tennessee).  My friends and family members keep saying that I have information that people need to hear, plus they are tired of seeing me sitting around the house with my head in a book mumbling about scoring an 84 on the last test.


Sherry Peel Jackson Life Coach


I will participate in and conduct forums that discuss our current economic options, internationalizing yourself and your business, the prison industrial complex, women’s issues and a host of other subjects.

I will also start the process of coaching those that need help with setting goals, focusing on their businesses, staying grounded and overcoming obstacles.


Life Coach Sherry Peel Jackson


Last but not least, I will dramatically expand my international business so that I will be an example for others that want to plant flags on other shores.  This is the wave of the future.

Twenty-thirteen will be a year of joyous labor for me because I plan to greatly improve my social, spiritual and financial life.  Yesterday at church I announced that I AM going to earn six figures in 2013 and I invited the congregation to go along with me on this adventure.  Some raised their hands to participate and others probably thought I was crazy.  Those are the new people – the ones that don’t know me.  In order to help lift up others I have to be out of the dirt, and as of now I am dusting off my legs and buckling down for the journey.  Would you like to go?

I am not one to believe that the president or congress runs the country.  I am not afraid of what’s coming over the horizon because I know Who is really in control.  However, I still make plans and organize my life in such a way as to ensure that my family and I are safe and have the basic necessities.  Beyond that I will work to achieve my vision of being an international traveler.  I miss traveling and can’t wait to get back to it.

As I did last year, I will leave you with the questionnaire that I complete annually on the last four days of the year.  In December 2011 I completed 5 questionnaires, and praise God two of the goals are completed (books, ministries) and three are ongoing (relationships, resources).  I’ll transfer the ongoing goals over to the 2013 goal sheets.  Along with additional goals I’ll monitor them so that my goals will be achieved.

I challenge you to complete at least three questionnaires and give them to your children to complete. They came from my good friend and life coach David Martin and they continue to be a help to me.

Contact me and tell me some of the goals that you recorded.  Maybe we can achieve our dreams together.


  1. What do I want?
  2. Why do I want it? (Why is it important to me?)
  3. What am I willing to give up to get it?
  4. What is my game plan? (How will I get it?)
  5. What specific knowledge do I require?
  6. Who can assist me?
  7. What is my time frame?
  8. What can I do TODAY to get started?


List ALL of your goals on plain paper. Categorize the goals into:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Family
  3. Personal
  4. Business
  5. Other

Select the top three goals, place them on goal sheets and work through the remaining seven questions on the goal sheets.  You may complete goal sheets for more than the top three goals, but usually the top three goals feed into accomplishing all of the other goals, so completing goal sheets for all of the goals may not be necessary.