No Treat Here – This Is A Terrible Trick

Back in the fall of 2014 information came to my attention about vaccines and autism. This was certainly not the first time that I had heard that various vaccines cause autism. I have seen the exponential rise in cases of autism since the onset of the pharmaceutical industries strategy to immunize everything walking. From flu vaccines to STD vaccines, they have come up with hundreds of ways to get our money and make us sick (or kill us) at the same time.

But this time the information hit home as I have several friends and family members that have male children exhibiting the symptoms of autism or that have autism outright. When will we say enough is enough? My granddaughter has not and will not get any of these deadly injections. She’s not going into the government school system anyway, so it’s not going to be difficult to avoid.

Please review this short news story about the terrible trick being played on all of us.


It specifically talks about African-American male children but they have harmed people of all races and all walks of life with their poison. Heads should have rolled!!



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  1. Read “Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?” Also, read some of Ty Bollinger’s books. Listen to Dr. Russell Blaylock on YouTube, and Dr. Rima Laibow. Dr. Blaylock says if you get the flu vaccine 5 to 10 consecutive years in a row, you will have accumulated enough mercury to guarantee you will eventually get Alzheimer’s. Dr. Rima Laibow has a good video talking about the globalist eugenics vaccination program. On her website, she has a good report about the England Theory, where she proposes an autistic population is deliberately being created to bring about the ideas put forth in the book, “Brave New World.” Jim Marrs, in his book, “Population Control: How Our Corporate Owners are Killing Us,” gives a chart showing the parallels between the increase in use of RoundUp and the increase in autism. They are almost exactly the same. The RoundUp is amplifying the negative effects of the adjudivants (Thimerosol and aluminum) to produce autism, seizure disorder, Alzheimer’s, allergies, etc. Dr. Russell Blaylock says Fluoride also acts as a turbocharger. He gives an excellent presentation on YouTube showing the process of being vaccinated and becoming autistic. He says most doctors have no clue what causes disease, how to prevent, and cure it. In a Fluoride documentary, I heard Fluoride has a more profound effect on the African American population, so maybe it is intended as a race specific bioweapon. If you look at graphs of all these diseases before vaccinations were given, they were all sharply falling, then they leveled off when vaccinations started, probably because people were getting diseases directly from the vaccines. It is asinine we get 83% of our vaccines from communist China, which has proposed to wreck our economy, and has an horrendous human rights record. Dr. Jonas Salk, on YouTube, said he put cancer viruses in the Polio vaccine because he thinks the world is overpopulated. Unfortunately, a few people only found this out decades after they were force vaccinated by the medical mafia.

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