November 2013 Newsletter

It’s Fall Again


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It’s fall again. Fall (autumn) is my favorite season. For one, the bugs are gone! The weather here in Georgia is mild and the leaves turn beautiful colors.

Autumn Scene

People seem to slow down and reflect in the fall. Before all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, they take time to contemplate life and their purpose in the world.

School has started back and the folly of summer is gone. There is soberness in the land.

People young and old are starting to realize that not only is the world not what they thought it was but this country specifically, is not what the text books taught us in the 50’s and 60’s.

There was a large shift in the culture in the 1960’s and the moral code was crushed. Human life became less sacred and relationships became superficial.

Things have only gotten worse, as people don’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong anymore. The end now justifies the means in many cases, but this shouldn’t be a surprise.

The government schools, instead of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic now teach cultural diversity, tolerance and group think. I hear teenagers in the street and every other word is a swear word. That tells me that they have a very limited vocabulary.

I see and hear people berating women, abusing children and participating in all manner of unethical, immoral behavior. This fact grieves my spirit deeply. The America I knew is gone forever unless Almighty God intervenes soon.

We are being eaten up from the inside out, like a fast moving cancer.

Our churches don’t teach Christ anymore, only the blessings of God. They fail to tell the throngs of eager sheeple that they have a part, which is obedience to His word.

Corporations fire people at the drop of a hat, even people that have long satisfactory work records. The banisters’ are taking people’s homes like it’s a game of Monopoly. People lie, cheat and steal like its old hat. Greed is king and he who dies with the most toys wins.

Or does he?

I want to impose upon you, readers and listeners, to do something for me.

I admonish you to turn off the television and forego movies for the rest of November. Instead, take the time to reflect on your purpose in life and physically draw out plans to fulfill that purpose. If you have children and grandchildren, write down ways that you will instill in them the values and morals that we held dear.

Don’t chicken out! Don’t tell yourself that it’s too much to handle. Americans are not cowards! We can stop the terrible tide of destruction that’s engrossing this country. With the Lord’s help and our commitment to make REAL CHANGE in our lives first, we can create a ripple effect from sea to shining sea.

Stop listening to the doom and gloom news casters. I don’t want to hear about another murder, robbery, shooting or rape. Let’s start performing acts of kindness and see if they will announce those over the airways!

Those of us over 50, let’s take the time to impart some of our wisdom into the young folks; they may not act like they want to hear from us but they really do and they will listen and take heed.

We as a country have lost our way. Let’s get back on the path to integrity, morality, social responsibility and freedom.

We can do this!

I know you don’t want to miss the football games but how much are these players paying you? Is it worth all that energy jumping up and down in your living room over the efforts of some other man that caught a ball made of pigskin, when you can be more effective lifting up the life of someone that is downtrodden or in need of some simple guidance?

I would say not!

Go to your local house of worship or community center and volunteer a few hours each week this month. I’m sure they can put your hands to work encouraging the elderly, teaching the young or just being a friend to those that are hurting.

This is what we used to do.

My father told me that when he was young and one of the neighbors was laid off from the Ford or Chrysler plant, there would be bags of food at that family’s front door every day. And when that father got his job back he would put bags on the front porch of another out-of-work neighbor (I’m from Detroit).

Let’s help feed the homeless. Buy them a meal if you don’t want to give them money. Take blankets to a local homeless shelter.  If it wasn’t for the grace of God, we could be there this fall.

I am not ashamed to ask you to do this and as of today I will be doing the same.

I feel that as a people we need to elevate ourselves again. We are resilient and we can make a difference.

I would hope that you would include your children in this worthwhile venture. Give them some good, age appropriate books to read, or read with them and discuss the content.

Family is the foundation of this country and the enemy, whoever you believe he is, is out to destroy the family. Don’t let it happen.

Act now!

Turn off the boob tube, idiot box, electronic income (intellect) reducer and change your lives so that we as a whole will change the course of our country.

God bless you and may God save America!

This is Sherry Peel Jackson signing out.


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