October 2013 Newsletter

I Am Being Harassed!

Ever since I completed the August video newsletter about the IRS giving 46 million dollars to people in four houses in the Atlanta area I have been receiving phone calls at all hours of the day and night.

These calls are coming in on my toll-free business line and when I pick up there is nobody on the other end, at least nobody talking.

Harrasing phone callsThe line is always still open on the other end because the seconds are still ticking away on my phone and when I receive my phone bill I am being charged for these calls. Sometimes when it rolls over to my voice mail the calls are as much as five minutes long but all that time nobody is on the line.

Who do you think it may be?



Question Government – Go To Jail

I don’t pay attention to most headlines because they are dribble. I don’t give a rip about what Justin Beboy or Kardasians are doing. Some things catch my eye though.

I saw a story about a man that stood his ground in a school board meeting. He was asking questions about a newly implemented curriculum that he feared would reduce the quality of education even more than it has already.

I don’t believe in government schools for our children but this man was at least trying to make a difference and now he could face 10 years in prison.

Are we in “1984” or what?

Maryland Dad Arrest for Asking Question During Common Core Meeting



On The Government Shutdown

Since I have been so not interested in the shutdown I will leave you with a video and an article that may help with understanding what’s really going on.

Smoke and mirrors, dogs and ponies.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers explains that politicians are merely threatening a government shut-down and pretending a budget cut when, in fact, it is just a charade to impress the naive public.

Jim Rogers: US Govt Shutdown is Shame & Charade to Jerk Us All Around


Ron Paul explains that the looming threat of the government shut-down will not make the country collapse.

A Grand Bargain for Liberty?



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5 thoughts on “October 2013 Newsletter”

  1. Sherry, this is your FB friend Americanslave Indc. we all no where those calls are coming from. the nazi scum bags of the U.S. government. they call me too. let them act like children. they are scared of you. as long as they don’t touch you don’t worry. America is almost at the point of being physical. they see it coming and that is why they have been stock piling ammunition. I don’t think the shut down will collapse us either. hopefully it will make it plain to the public that this much government is really not needed and some sheeple will wake up. from the view point here in D.C. it does appear as a charade.

  2. Sherry, if this continues, you might consider:

    1) Seeing if you can block the number(s).
    2) Putting a limit on voicemail length, like 30-seconds, or 1-minute.

    I’m sorry to hear about this! Keep us updated!

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