Prayers of the Saints

July 16, 2012

Last night I received one of those telephone calls that sends chills up your spine and stands the hairs up on the back of your neck. It was about 10:15PM and Colin I (my husband) and I had just come back from the grocery store and were putting things away. I was upstairs putting the toiletries in the closet and my cell phone rang. My thought was, “It would ring when I’m upstairs and it’s downstairs.” I ran down the stairs and answered it. It was my son, Colin II, and he told me to sit down.

I knew it wasn’t going to be good, and it wasn’t. He, his friend and her friend were leaving the movies. They were making a left turn, on the arrow, and a women T-boned them. This woman knocked my truck head on into another SUV. Thank God that impact was minimal and that driver was able to drive his truck away after everything was settled down.

Everyone is fine. The back seat, passenger-side passenger was an Australian girl named Stephanie, here on a work visa. Her side took the most impact, and she was taken to the hospital via ambulance. She said her neck and back hurt, but otherwise she was just very shaken up. The front passenger, Adrian, is my best friend’s daughter. Her mother and I have been friends since 1988 and both these children were born in 1990, so they’ve known each other all their lives.

I thank God that everyone, even the lady that hit them (a foreigner) was not seriously injured. Although the lady hopped out of her car saying she had the green light, I know that God’s will can’t be thwarted.

Although I am elated that there were no serious injuries, I will have to get over my sadness for losing Gunner (My 4Runner). I have had that truck since October 31, 1998. I bought it used and it has served me well. It had 335,638 miles on it the last time I checked and had plenty more to give.

Now I have to figure out how to proceed from here. There are now four of us in the house with only one car, and that one is a 1995. I need the prayers of the Saints (and anyone else that wants to pray). I need a miracle! SPJ

4runner SUV Damaged Sherry Peel Jackson
“Gunner” my 4Runner destroyed in crash