September 2012

Who Cares?

A lot is going on these days. There’s the commemoration of 9/11, the presidential conventions and campaigns, revelations of widespread spying on the public and the Israel – Iran saga.

This week I took the time to ask myself questions about what’s important and about who’s on my side. Who is looking out for me and my family? Here are my questions and answers:

When you vote for most politicians do they care what you think?

Do the worthy bills that are introduced in congress ever have a chance?

Is there really a difference between the two parties?

NO!          NO!          NO!

[jbox color=”yellow”] | Senator Rand Paul speaks out against senators voting without reading the bills – 6/2/12 – Youtube[/jbox]


Do the banksters care whether you live in YOUR house or whether you live under a bridge?

Do they try to help you keep your house and keep the inventory off of their books?

Are they going to share some of the trillions of dollars they received in the bailouts?

NO!          NO!          NO!

[jbox color=”yellow”] | 800,000 Americans Could Have Avoided Foreclosure – Yahoo News[/jbox]


Do the drug companies care about producing safe medicines?

Do they voluntarily pay up when they make mistakes and the drugs are faulty?

Do they do proper research to make sure our children are safe?

NO!          NO!          NO!

[jbox color=”yellow”] | Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism[/jbox]


[jbox color=”yellow”] | Johann Hari: The Horrifying Hidden Story Behind Drug Company Profits –[/jbox]


Do the Departments of Health and Welfare, Education and Big Agriculture care what you eat?

Have they properly disclosed the effects of the ingredients in the foods they produce/endorse for us to eat each day?

Are they working together to make life healthier and longer?

NO!          NO!          NO!

[jbox color=”yellow”] | Obesity for Profit: How Big Agriculture Gets Rich by Keeping Us Fat –[/jbox]


[jbox color=”yellow”] | Drinking high-fructose corn syrup really does make you stupid –[/jbox]


[jbox color=”yellow”] | Unhealthy and Unregulated – Food Advertising and Marketing to Children – American Heart Association[/jbox]


Now that we know that WE are the ones that care about OURSELVES, let’s start working together. Let’s keep each other informed about the things that matter.

Government, media, banks, corporations, drug companies and big agriculture don’t give a rat’s behind about us. STOP listening to them. STOP believing the lies.

START seeking the truth daily.

Our lives depend on the truth. We perish for lack of knowledge but the truth will set us free.