Take Advantage Of The New Tax Bill This Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The new tax bill is now a reality and I want to talk to you about why you absolutely must start a home-based business before the end of the year.

I want you to take advantage of the tax bill instead of fearing it or ignoring it. We have to adjust our mindsets about our economic situation and use this tax bill to our advantage.

This will be a windfall for those that chose to start a small business, and those that decide to step up to the next level with their current small business.

Even if you have a W-2 job you won’t be left in the dust unless you stay in your circle of sameness and stick to that “9 to 5” alone.

If you start a business you’ll not only make money but also reduce taxes, which will allow you to keep more of what you earn because of your increased tax deductions and decreased tax rates; thanks to the tax bill.

If you don’t start a business you’ll start to see less and less progress in your financial life. You have a cell phone, Internet and a vehicle. But if you don’t start a business you’ll pay the same amount as the entrepreneur next door, but you won’t be able to use these expenses as tax deductions. The smart individual that starts a business will see increases in their lifestyle as they buy back their time from the grind!

You can start a home-based business for no money down. Of course you know that I have my main business – consulting business, and I have introduced Karatbars to you in the past (www.KaratbarsForWealth.com). But I have a new, no money down health related business to introduce. I have been using the products for seven months with great results.

This is truly a business anyone can start with a cell phone. You don’t need to store products at home unless you want to. You have the ability to have a physical store and a virtual store, I chose to have a little at home and a presence on-line. I don’t want to assume that you have already heard about CBD oil. Check it out on line and see what is being said about it. I like it because I have found relief in my track knees and other great benefits. Others on line are touting the benefits of the FOUNDATION, BALADERMA and the Essential Oils. Check out www.WisdomAndRiches.com  http://www.WisdomAndRiches.com. Do your due diligence on the company. After that if you are interested in this becoming one of your Multiple Streams of Income or just interested in getting the products for wholesale, e-mail me at Sherry@SherryPeelJackson.com and I will send you the passcode to get more information.

I’m sure there are lots of other great businesses out there but this one meets my criteria of no monthly obligations, no requirements to purchase each month, no recruiting in order to make money. I just share healthy products that the medical establishment doesn’t want you to have.

In the attachment below I share my annual strategy to excel and thrive each year.  I take the last four days of the year to complete several of these forms to set my goals in action.  Try it and you can achieve great things!

My prayer is that you decide to give yourself and your family the best gift that you can give this Holiday Season – the chance to leave a wealth filled legacy. Get started with a home-based business now!

Blessings to you all and I look forward to seeing you prosper in 2018!