Tampa, Florida Sunday December 4th!

Wow!  I was very surprised at the election results.  It goes to show that you can’t trust the media.  They were telling the people that Hillary was way out ahead.


Are we coming unglued as a country?  I hear that wildfires are being set all over the land.  Here in the Atlanta area we are inundated with smoke-filled skies and it is affecting people’s health.  It doesn’t matter how the election turned out, we as Americans must rise above and get ourselves together for the future.  Years ago I wrote a blog about the things I believe in:  Self reliance, personal responsibility,  our unalienable  (Something that you can’t put a lien on.  This has nothing to do with aliens)  right to life, liberty and property….   I still believe in these values but more than just believing, I am moving towards having all of them in place and I want to share what we can do to achieve our freedom.  I plan to continue to travel the country in 2017 although I will be spending more time with pastors and church leaders.

For this year I have the opportunity to conduct one more workshop.  I will be in Tampa, Florida Sunday December 4th. Two can come for the price of one.  You get one set of both my books and downloads of my conference calls and IRS secrets!  I will be sharing two strategies to save you at least $1,000 on your 2016 tax return and one strategy that will have you out of the rat race in record time! See the attacked workshop information. Please and share with anyone you know in the area. I would love to have a packed house!

I have heard that we need to get ourselves together before the end of  1st Quarter 2017.  I’m working on it but getting some resistance.  The critters ate up all of my spinach so I am buying more this weekend, along with some netting to cover the beds Tampa December 4, 2016and some critter ridder pellets.  It’s WAR!  I am not growing food for them to feast on.  I am also stocking up on gold and other valuable resources.  I pray that you are too.  Let’s get busy!  SPJ