Uncertainty & Energy

Happy New Year to All!

Although we have made it to 2017 there is still lots of UNCERTAINTY about our futures whether we live in the United States or elsewhere. This past presidential election for the U.S. saw a country divided like never before. The Brexit was another upending of norms, along with other elections and referendums worldwide.

What should we be concentrating on for 2017? Our families and ourselves! As you have probably heard me say before depending on any government, corporation or bank for your safety and stability is not very wise to say the least. We need to get control of the direction of our lives and not have some bureaucrat wave his or her magic wand and in an instant negatively change our fates.

Most people in the United States have or are looking for jobs. When you have a job you are usually making somebody else rich while you continue to struggle or just maintain. I know that some people are poor money managers and could live comfortably on what they earn if they just lived within their means. However many people have cut their expenses to the bone and still have a hard time.

I would like to ask you to take a 1.5 hours and watch the following documentary: Inequality For All by Robert Reich


Inequality For All (2013) – Robert Reich put the full doc on Vimeo for free. The password is: bernie2016 from Documentaries


Even if you don’t agree with the documentary it’s very telling about how the middle class continues to disappear. I don’t agree with everything he says and I have found that some of his stats are skewed, but this documentary should at least start you thinking about the future of your economic life.

I have learned from one of my mentors that ENERGY is key, and I have seen the media and the “powers that be” purposely manipulate the direction and use of the energy of the people in the United States as well as other countries.

Back in the old days there was not as much “entertainment” and people were much more physical in day-to-day life. They created things. Children played outside and used their imaginations to build things. Now there is more energy spent screaming and jumping at a football or basketball game than there is all week at home, school or work!

It’s time to focus our energy on things that will improve our lives and not on admiring some athlete that already earns over a million dollars a year. He or she goes home to a million dollar house and luxury life and you leave the game, worn out from jumping and without a voice, and go home to what?

It’s the same with the TV and movies. The actors make millions on movies and TV series. They go home to Beverly Hills and you, after having spent hours watching them on a big TV or movie screen, are still in the same boat!


The bottom line is that more than ever before we need to:

  1. Properly manage our finances; stop spending money on stuff we can’t really afford at the time.
  2. Start our own businesses and if you have a job work your business in the evenings and on weekends.
  3. Stop depending on the stock markets, IRA’s 401K’s and mutual funds to be there for you in your latter years. They probably wont.
  4. Stop depending on a job because if we have another 2008 you may be without one.
  5. Stop spending hours and hours entertaining ourselves when the world is changing and we are in the dark about what is really going on!

No, I’m not an alarmist and yes I do trust in God. But even the Bible says for us to “occupy until He comes” and occupy doesn’t mean sit on my “bunkum” and let others dictate my life while I keep up with who is leading in “the game” or who I think should win on this “reality show”.

Annually I take the last 4 days of the year for introspection. I complete several of the forms that I am attaching for your review and use. Life coach David Martin gave me this exercise back around 2004 and it has helped me go from prosperity all the way through prison and back to the top again.

Completing several of these forms and actually following through with these goals has become a large part of my success. I complete them, tweak them throughout the year and check them off once completed. For example, in 2015 one of the items was to complete a book. I got two books done and I am on to the next set of goals that I’ve set.

I really care about you and I want you to thrive instead of just surviving day to day. I want you to be prepared for whatever faces us in the future, and that will require you to have a Plan B, C and even D. Please take the time to copy several of these forms and follow through with them. It will make a difference in your future.

Blessings on your 2017! SPJ