What In The World Is Going On?

It’s in the atmosphere.  It’s on people’s faces and in their attitudes.  Something just isn’t right.  It’s not just happening in the United States but it’s happening almost everywhere.  People are full of frustration and uncertainty.  Nobody makes commitments anymore, many people are on mood altering medications and some have even given up on happiness altogether.  Many are losing their jobs without being able to find another one.  Millions are underpaid and just barely getting by.

What is causing this prevailing abysmal state of being?  I believe that part of it is the decline in our nation – from our morals and values all the way to our productivity and pride.  It used to be that people worked hard and they were proud of what they produced.  Now we don’t produce much of anything.  We have become a service nation, providing services but not producing tangible goods. Buying the cheap items from overseas, at cheap prices, while our standard of living goes in the toilet.

For example, two days ago someone sent me a video clip of a McDonalds in the Northeast that had four large computer stations that took orders.  That was at least four jobs lost.  In factories all around the country, there are countless robots doing the jobs that people used to do.  These computers and robots don’t require a salary, they don’t have health care costs, they don’t require payroll tax withholding, they don’t carry on a lot of drama and they don’t get hurt and file for workers compensation.  Does this concern you as much as it concerns me?  Even if you think your job or profession won’t be affected you may be wrong.  There are sophisticated computerized robots that can prepare tax returns, do engineering calculations and even surgery.

So, what will all of the displaced workers do when these computers and robots start replacing their jobs?  Where will they work?  I would like you to start researching the number of industries that are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace jobs.  If it doesn’t alarm you it should.  Even if you are retired or your profession is safe, there will be people around you (friends, family members, neighbors) that won’t be able to weather the financial and psychological storm of being replaced.  What will they do?  What will you do to help?

Please don’t wait until it’s at your front door to find out about this obliteration of the middle class.  Please don’t wait to start developing a plan for your family to avoid getting blown away by the new wave.  SPJ