Why I Don’t Gamble

When people ask me about what they consider investments I tell them that I don’t gamble.  Then, I get this strange look, as if they are saying, “How did this conversation go from investments to the lottery?”   I smile and let them know that I consider MANY types of “investing” as gambling.  I do not “invest” in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s, 401K’s and the like.  When the stock market went down 777.68 points in September of 2008, Americans lost 10.2 TRILLION dollars in savings.  It didn’t just vanish into thin air – it was given to the banks that were too big to fail and everyone else that had a hand in creating the problem in the first place.  For those of you that haven’t done it yet, go watch the documentary called, “The Big Short”  This well-done movie shows you how the monster was created and how he stole your money.  I know people that lost six-figures that year.  I know people that had to start sleeping in their cars that year.  Why in the world would I trust these same greedy people to manage my money now?

As you all know, I like to invest in HARD ASSETS.  This means land, gold, silver, and things that won’t disappear in the blink of an eye.  Recently the Costa Rican corporation that I manage acquired land on the Caribbean Coast.  Soon I will announce that this new community will be open to anyone that wants a second home that has food and opportunity growing everywhere.  Not that I think there’s no opportunity here, but I pay close attention to what wealthy people do, and they are buying up real estate in countries that are rising stars.

So, I would admonish you to stop gambling.  Stop throwing your money to brokers and job created plans that you have no control over.  Start methodically investing in things that you can leave to your children and grandchildren.  Start learning the strategies that will lower your taxes and at the same time increase your income.  Join those of us that are thriving!  SPJ