Winning The Battle For Good Health

Hi Everyone, you know I have a big mouth and I like to share things that the “powers that be” don’t want you to know about.  This time I want to tell you about being healthy without drugs.  The effects of pharmaceuticals have hit home, as my father is in crisis because two different doctors in the same network didn’t know what each was prescribing – causing major problems L

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was in Orlando with my students from Africa, taking them to the Universal theme parks.  What a wonderful experience for all of us!

While I was there, I had the chance to experience an amazing device that came into the U.S. 4 years ago.  It’s been used in Europe for 20 years, We are very slow here with introducing natural healing as opposed to pharmaceuticals.…

We all know that as we grow older, things slow down (yes, I’m beginning to experience that force of nature) and with all of the modern technology of smartphones, sitting in front of computers, TVs, ordering products online delivered to our door, etc. our bodies moving less than we used to.  I remember my parents dancing, going for walks in the park, flying kites and other outdoor activities that have been lost in our new high tech world.  As a result, the process of our bodies slowing down has increased astronomically.

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and if they don’t get the nutrients and oxygen they need, things stop functioning.  The great news is, this device speeds our blood back into high gear and it does it in as fast as just two minutes by just lying on a mat driven by a control device.  Modern conveniences are wonderful but not at the expense of our health.  This device makes health simple and convenient and the testimonials I heard that night in Orlando and people I met were incredible.

Being part of the huge baby boomer generation, I know several friends and family members that are dealing with health issues.  For me, getting nutrients and oxygen moving to my cells through microcirculation and at the same time speeding the elimination of toxins from the cells will make this tool one of the most important additions to my personal health improvement system.  I’m not depending on Obamacare – I actually want to win the battle for good health!

Years ago, I was extremely athletic and somewhat successful at track & field.  Today, my knees have become a challenge for me. When I used the device I could feel things happening in my knees, abdomen and lower back.  It was pretty exciting and now I’m looking forward to getting my own!

The device, by the way, is called a BEMER, which is an acronym for the technology.  They have five international patents and an agreement with NASA to develop a system for the astronauts to help avoid bone loss and muscular atrophy from zero gravity.  They’ve also developed a customer system for horses getting amazing results!

When we hear about new breakthroughs, our first reaction is to be skeptical.  Seeing is believing as we open our mind to new possibilities.  Here are two brief videos that show before and after and how fast this works:

Dark field microscope shows blood changed in just a few seconds.

This video shows a high powered microscope with the before and after impact of BEMER:

Increased blood flow in a blocked capillary within minutes.

And if you know anyone with horses check out:   Bemer Veterinary Line – BEMER Group


Again, just sharing something that works and is being hidden from us.  If you want to look into this more, feel free to email me at