December 2013 Newsletter

2013: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s now the end of 2013. Some people that I talk to think that the year went very fast and others say they are glad it’s almost over. I for one am ready for 2014!

Some of the good things that happened in 2013 are posted here:

  • I sold my SUV (with the car note) and bought a used vehicle for cash!  GET OUT OF DEBT.
  • I finally got the chance to have a nice vacation – the first one since I have been out of the slammer.
  • Arizona bill recognizes gold, silver as legal currency –
  • People are starting to get educated about the economy, entrepreneurship and planting flags in other countries.

Some of the bad things that happened in 2013 are posted here:

  • I lost $1,500 trying to buy a house.
  • I lost my last living grandparent, Grandma Mary Louise Peel – 1921 to 2013.
  • Deep Inside The Hot Mess Called Obamacare: It’s Time For Honesty –
  • America: The IRS gave $4.2 BILLION to illegal immigrants while blocking Tea Parties –
  • Outcry After GOP Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Gold and Silver Bill –

Some of the ugly things that happened in 2013 are posted here:

  • People are still after me for money even though I have none!
  • Colonoscopy
  • Is your TV spying on YOU? –
  • IRS Lois Lerner Gave Confidential Tea Party Tax Info to FEC, Breaking the Law –
  • Preachers of LA: Money Hungry Tactics and The Gullibility of The Church –

Let’s remember to do our annual reflection and complete the following exercise to help us stay on track for the New Year.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!



  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it? (Why is it important to me?)
  • What am I willing to give up to get it?
  • What is my game plan/how will I get it?
  • What specific knowledge do I require?
  • Who can assist me?
  • What is my time frame?
  • What can I do TODAY to get started?


  1. List ALL of your goals on plain paper.
  2. Categorize the goals into:
    1. Spiritual
    2. Family
    3. Personal
    4. Business
    5. Other
  3. Select the top three goals, place them on goal sheets and work through the remaining seven questions on the goal sheets.

You may complete goal sheets for more than the top three goals, but usually the top three goals feed into accomplishing all of the other goals, so completing goal sheets for all of the goals may not be necessary.


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2 thoughts on “December 2013 Newsletter”

  1. I very much enjoy your posts, this one was especially inspiring. Thank you for taking the patience to welcome us into your personal life. Warm wishes to you and yours. Thank you again for your sacrifice.

  2. I enjoy your news letter. Thank you. I would love to meet and talk with you someday.

    May 2014 bring you health, wealth and happiness.

    Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year.

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