Diversity Over Math!

If you think this country isn’t in trouble you’re living under a rock! With millions of adults that don’t know how to balance a check book “they” are again on the march to dumb down the people of the united states.  Colleges and universities are dropping math from the required general curriculum and replacing it with diversity!  We are already lagging far behind in education without them taking math out of the equation.  Evidently there are several schools doing it.
Yes indeed we are in trouble – so called celebrities have millions of fans on Facebook but the people with the knowledge to help us survive and thrive have little to none. Sad! Like I have said before, “How do you bring down a country?  You water down the milk until it’s not palatable.”  You get people caught up in un-Reality TV and away from reading.  You tell people to buy now and pay later instead of wait till you have the cash.  You tell people they come from apes instead of the truth that they are made in the image of God.  This is why you see low IQ’s, the proliferation of crime and all manner of unethical behavior from the classroom to the board room.
Yes I am angry.  As much as some of us try to live justly and raise our families in a wholesome environment the deck is being stacked to the point where we can’t turn the corner without our ears and eyes being molested by filthy music and negative news.  Now, when my granddaughter enters college she won’t even be tested in basic math!  They are trying to steal all our money on one hand and kill us with the pharmaceuticals on the other.  If you don’t know math you won’t know when they are stealing from you.  If you don’t read you won’t know that the items you are putting in your mouth are killing you.  Turn off the idiot box/electronic income reducer, Vimo and cable!  Skip the movies.  Read for goodness sake – and not the tabloids!!
These days’ people’s attention spans are so short they don’t even want to listen to instructions teaching them how to do anything but make sure the batteries fit properly in the remote control!
Who are YOU listening and paying attention to?  Let’s stop concentrating on bootylicious and start getting busy with the skills that will keep us alive and in the running for centuries to come.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, individual responsibility and critical thinking – not diversity and group think!  SPJ