News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Possible Reason

Well folks, here is somebody else speaking up about the truth of our great country. Please listen, pause and think about what he is saying.

Then if you are smart you will take action to help yourself and your family.



21 thoughts on “News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Possible Reason”

  1. “OH, YEAH, BABY!” You go, guy! Get emotional all you want. The truth sets us all free — except the conspiring liars perpetuating the crimes.

  2. “if you are smart you will take action to help yourself and your family” What would you suggest the steps of action to take? Thanks for your time, in advance.

  3. the W A S P, Illuminati, and converted jews run our country, they are the ones that control what is happening in America what he is saying is absolutly true

  4. Good post” We all know Obama was Groomed to Doomed this Nation. . His Handlers Henry Kissinger George Soros… Ect Obama is bought with Congress. It was a package deal. .As we watch them Rape and Pillage this Country. .

  5. This guy use to have his own shown five days a week either cnn or msnbc.He never talked like this unless of course it was about a member of the gop.

    Had he at least included both partys he might have still had his own show. I am willing to bet no one but fox will ever,ever have this guy on.

  6. When you believe in the myth of authority and in being ruled, controlled and robbed by it there are no solutions. Quit believing and quit submitting.

  7. Fox is part of the system too, Fox is bought and paid for by the CFR/Roger Ailes/Ruppert Murdoch. You will never see Dylan Ratigan doing this on Fox.


  8. In 1910 the heads of the wealthy banking families, along with Senator Acworth (a very corrupt republican senator who was heading the banking and ways committee) met at Jekyll Island and concocted the Federal Reserve. In 1913 democratic senators were paid by the banking families to propose and pass the Federal Reserve Act. This bill was discussed and voted on during the Christmas recess when most of the politicians were away from DC. Democrats were selected to propose the bill because they were viewed by the public as representing the working man (Nelson Rockefeller was a Democrat – he really represented the working man – right!).

    The Federal Reserve prints money for use by the UST without providing any backing for the money. Every dollar issued by the FED becomes debt to the US and the FED is paid interest on the money provided.

    The Federal Reserve owns all of our politicians. It is a privately owned corrupt enterprise and is the root of all financial and political evil in the world. The debt ceiling does not exist. The FED will continually print money which allows all the politicians to spend without having the balance a budget. Until the Federal Reserve is dissolved and money again becomes asset backed the Federal Reserve will continue to print worthless money (causing high inflation and eventually bankrupting the US) for republicans to start their world wars and for democrats to fund their massive welfare programs. The financial power of the Federal Reserve can and has corrupted all of our politicians and can also destroy them. JFK paid the ultimate price when he attempted to move the US economy away from the FED by having the United States produce it’s own currency. The irate news reporter in this article was spot on. Sadly, the majority of Americans have no idea of what is really going on and are very easily mislead by the spin politicians. Fast and Furious was all about the CIA running (selling) guns to Mexico. Bengazi was all about running guns and military supplies to the Syrian rebels. This is how the FED makes it’s money by paying the politicians to support their agenda. Abolish the FED NOW!

    Read the book (download from the internet) the Creature from Jekyll Island and find out what is really going on.

  9. Powerful,powerful stuff!! Image if we the people decided one day to all stand up and claim our birthrights. The same system that has enslaved us all, will ultimately be used to free us. Claim what is yours.

  10. Nor will you see him doing this on the left either. . They fired his butt awhile ago.The left only likes sycophants of the highest order. The left doesn’t allow anyone to wander off the liberal plantation.Why change a plan that has worked well for well over two hundred years ey .

  11. You don’t really expect Obama to shoot himself in the foot do you, he’s a huge part of the problem. We’re past bankrupt.

  12. Unfortunately Obama is not the person to right the ship. He has his own socialist agenda which is to implement welfare programs (obamacare, food stamps, public assistance, etc.) turning this once great capitalistic society into one of a welfare state where the majority of Americans are dependent upon the government. His reckless spending plays right into the FED agenda of printing worthless money and seeing the US go further into debt. He is not a tax and spend liberal like you may think. He is far worse. He is a socialist Muslim who was raised outside of this country and fundamentally disagrees with capitalism and our American, Christian values. He believes what his handlers believe that the United States has done great harm to other countries, especially Muslim countries. Do some research and take a look at the book his second Father authored and tutored him on. Take a look at the anti-American radicals he willingly associated with when he came to the states from Indonesia to attend school while living with his mothers parents. Money can buy anything in politics and George Soros spared no expense when he decided that Obama was the guy he wanted as president to advance his anti capitalistic, socialistic agenda. God help the United States of America

  13. listened to you on power hr. BROVO now lets get joyce to help get Irwin Schiff outof jail. he is in fci fort worth BooCoo

  14. It is “interesting” how so many of the commentors here saw this as a rant against the President and not ALL politicians as the comentator made CLEAR. While he did give the President a special obligation to address the problem, a fair responsibiity I admit, he did NOT lay the entire problem/mess at the President’s feet.

    The problem with money in politics, or almost anything nowadays, is that we increasingly fail in our knowledge to use money without allowing money to use us. This is true in the church, the education system, business, and politics.

    The OTHER problem, however, is that no one wants to admit the problem as it relates to THEM. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. But, NO ONE says “WE are the problem” (as commentors to the post have proved), when clearly “WE” are.

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