November 2011

What Do You Believe?

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” — Alexander Hamilton.

One of the most tragic occurrences that I have observed over the last decade is that the American people, due to lack of a sound belief system, have lost their way. Our teachers no longer teach right or wrong.

Our leaders smile in our faces and steal from us behind our backs and now, right in our faces

And parents don’t instruct their children in the basic tenants of being decent human beings.


Shredding documents

The lack of sound ethical and moral values has led to the breakdown of the Number One Unit in the world – the family. The family is the foundation and the backbone of any civilization.  However, it has fallen by the wayside with an inundation of unwed mothers, high divorce rates, illiteracy skyrocketing, financial stability disappearing and general godlessness. When it comes to the fabric of the U.S. we have hit rock bottom and started to dig.


Spiral stone walk

Scripture asks, in Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

The answer is pray and rebuild. We need to pray without ceasing.  II Chronicles 7:14 says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

The other thing we must do is rebuild. Rebuilding, I have found, starts with the face in the mirror. We must ask ourselves the hard questions. Am I contributing to the problem or the solution with my lifestyle? Am I a good role model for others to follow or am I exhibiting behaviors that help breakdown the fabric of the family? Am I teaching my children to be ethical and moral or is the television teaching them?

We must then look at those in our household. Are we operating as a unit or is each person in their own room watching television or playing video games? Do we have family dinner together or at least talk for more than five minutes a day? Do I as a parent impart good morals and values to my children – do I practice what I preach? Am I home being a parent or am I out pursuing my own goals?


Boy watching father smoke

Next, we must look at our communities. Do we talk with our neighbors? Do we go to church and fellowship with others? Do we exhibit a spirit of excellence on or jobs? Are we involved in community efforts to improve our county, city, state?

One of the things I took a great amount of time doing was figuring out what I believe. My belief system is part of my worldview, part of who I am and who I reflect to others. It is important for us to know what we believe. I have asked several people over the years what they believe about various subjects such as religion, politics, child rearing, earning a living and world events.

Many of these people had no clue what they believed, although they were able to parrot what the evening news anchor said about some of the subjects. This is sad and needs to change. I have written up some of my beliefs. These are the beliefs that make me who I am. These are some of the beliefs that kept me through three years of prison. These are the beliefs that will keep me throughout my life.

I Believe In:

Limited Government
Personal Responsibility
Fiscal Responsibility
Free Speech
Marriage Between One Man And One Woman
Secure Boarders
Private Education
Unfettered Free Enterprise
Punishment For “Real Thieves”
Limited Terms Of Office
Honoring The Rule Of Law
Truth In Taxation
A Strong Defense
Withdrawal From Unconstitutional Wars
Minding Our Own Business
Reading, Writing & Arithmetic
Authentic Christianity
Unencumbered Property Ownership
Unalienable God Given Rights
Life at Conception
Virginity in Singleness
Love & Compassion
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior


Child learning to read

You have beliefs. Write them, review them, defend them, teach them, and convey them. We can rebuild from the inside out when we have a foundation to stand on. Let’s stop being wishy washy and take a stand. Don’t be afraid. Everyone won’t agree with you, but that’s what makes us great. We can agree to disagree, but at least you will be moving forward to a better self and a better nation. Go ahead; let me see what you can do!

Make an effort to improve yourself by spending time thinking about what you want from life from this day forward. It starts with your belief system. Turn off the television and the video games. Sit down with your family and close friends and discuss ways to improve, rebuild.

Talk with co-workers, church members and neighbors and devise plans to start businesses, cooperatives, study groups, organic farms, disaster survival plans, and home schools. With each family, then community, committing to the effort, we can get our country to the point of integrity, sustainability and prosperity. It starts with you, not the people over there! Do it now!

Diverse group of people

“You cannot correct what you are unwilling to confront. What you permit will always continue. Behavior permitted is behavior perpetuated.” — Mike Murdock

4 thoughts on “November 2011”

  1. Awesome thoughts. It in fact brought tears to my eyes … seriously. As I read I realize I am not alone, and that taking a stand in my family will then have impact on the community and so starts the chain of events. Thank you for sharing your clear thoughts and vision.

  2. As this dear lady has experienced, taking a stand is often difficult and comes with a price. But the cost of NOT taking a stand is far greater, but in an insidious way that ultimately robs us of our integrity, yet without our awareness. We are blind to the reality of the depravity and evil that has surrounded us and of which WE have become a part by not taking a stand.

  3. I look forward to your news letter.

    I hope at some point they will abolish the IRS.

    Shame on them for what they did to you.

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