November 2014 Newsletter

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

I have been carefully observing the events of the last six months.

  • We have a disease creeping across Africa and seeping into the United States. A disease that many say is man-made. Yes, I am talking about Ebola.
  • We have breaking stories of whistleblowers revealing government corruption and malfeasance – CDC, IRS, NSA.
  • We have the renminbi (the official currency of the People’s Republic of China.) that is slowly creeping up behind the Euro and the dollar to blindside them in a takeover of the world’s reserve currency.
  • We have people by the thousands losing their homes every month through foreclosure and foreign investors snatching them up like they’re at a Black Friday sale.

All this and more has become commonplace in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But, should it be commonplace? Should We The People stand up and fight or roll over as dead?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Well, different people handle adversity in different ways. Some cower and become subjects to whatever whim the politicians and banksters demand. Some retreat into the woods and amass guns, food and water. Some act like nothing is wrong. Many have no clue about what’s really happening and they don’t really care – these are the ignant (as opposed to the ignorant).

In my view, and the view of many that are like me, the best thing to do is first pray, and then take action. The action you decide to take depends on your family circumstances and your tolerance level.

If you feel like you are a slave then try to divest yourself from the plantation as much as you can. Get with like-minded people and come up with local community solutions. Grow your own food. Barter.

Educate yourself about current events that affect your family instead of spending countless hours in front of the Electronic Income/Intellect Reducer (TV). Buy gold and silver. Ditch the fake stock market – it will crash again – soon! Invest in profitable real estate, oil, water, profitable businesses and agricultural land.

It’s your own fault if you fail to make a plan and begin to execute it.

This is certainly not the country that it was meant to be, and the only one that will make it what it is supposed to be is YOU. Man up and get ta’ steppin’.


6 thoughts on “November 2014 Newsletter”

  1. If gold and silver were used as money there would be no “reserve currency” and no power to be gained and exploited by having it. We would all be a lot more free if such was the case.

  2. Now is a great time to buy silver as the banksters have manipulated the price down to extreme lows. Gold is also an amazing buy right now as well. Load up now while prices are at historic lows!

  3. Sherry, I’m so grateful for your ministry and what you do to keep us informed. I have been following your story and want to let you know that we are praying for you. May God continue to use you and cover you as you take on the charge to inform the American people.

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