October 2012


A Personal Message from Sherry Peel Jackson

Hi everyone. I want to take this time to personally thank you for praying for and supporting me during the last 5 years. I’m truly grateful for all the letters I received while I was in prison, all the monetary support you sent to the prison and to my husband, and for the phone calls to Congress and the Bureau of Prisons when I was very ill in the fall of 2009.

You put the spotlight on my medical situation and probably saved my life. People are regularly neglected and die in prison. One woman, Rita, died while I was there and another one, Ms. Mary, who was a big help to me when I was forced to work at a maximum security men’s prison, died this past June, both for lack of proper medical treatment.

We have a crisis of epic proportions in our country. Millions of people have been so dumbed down that they have become totally obliged to and dependant on government in every aspect of their lives. The economy is in shambles because of fiat money, high taxation and rampant inflation. Foreign companies and workers are taking over our land, while our corporations run overseas for lower tax rates; gutting millions of American jobs in the process.

How can we turn this madness round and become a prosperous integral America?

I for one am not going to sit by and fall deeper into serfdom while the power elite hammer away at the fabric of our society.

Here’s what I am doing, and I challenge you to join me:

  • I am going to get out of debt. Each month I’ll take part of my earnings and pay off the debt that I left with my family when I was gone.
  • I’ll develop multiple streams if resources by starting home based businesses and Internet businesses that can be operated from any location in the world.
  • I’ll buy gold, silver and other tangible assets instead of saving up Federal Reserve notes and computer digits in a bank account.
  • I’ll provoke discussions that create solutions to our mounting social, spiritual, political and economic problems.
  • I’ll work alongside anyone willing to learn, how we can achieve peace and freedom.
  • I’ll lock arms with those that want to thrive and not just survive.
  • I’ll do everything I can to protect our families from a life of socialism and mediocrity.
  • I’ll endeavor to lift up a standard of righteousness, honesty and integrity in this country again!

Yes I’m just one person but everything starts with the face in the mirror, and I have the faith to believe that we can turn this country around and be the people we were meant to be, with life, liberty and freedom. We have unalienable rights that were given to us by God, and it’s high time we claimed them!

Starting this month, October 2012, I will be speaking and conducting forums here in the Atlanta area and around the country. Nobody is going to help us but us. We need each other, and the time is now to start developing ways to live free and prosper.

The government, banksters and corporations couldn’t care less about us. We must depend on God and each other. Let’s start by practicing delayed gratification:

  • Vow not to use credit cards any more.
  • Stay out of the malls and shopping centers.
  • Turn off the television and video games for a month to develop home based businesses.
  • Have your children and turn off these electronics for a month and read books.
  • Build gardens in your yard and teach your children the value of growing your own food.
  • Review your current savings and retirement plan and decide if these resources will be there when you need them.
  • Research methods to build your family fortress, develop asset protection plans and implement them.
  • Meet with like-minded friends and neighbors, at least monthly, and share ideas for the improvement of your communities.

If you follow this plan you’ll have a great start in breaking the invisible shackles that bind us.

Stay tuned to my blog site and my websites Wake the People International Ministry and Titus International Women’s Ministry to get regular updates on OUR progress toward physical, financial and spiritual freedom.

Thanks for listening and be blessed.

This is Sherry Peel Jackson signing out.