Sherry Peel Jackson's Thoughts About Ferguson Missouri

I have been thinking of what to say about the situation in Ferguson. As a Christian, as a black, as a woman that grew up middle-class between Detroit and Atlanta, I have many different experiences to form a perspective on the situation.

I listened to this video and found myself agreeing with most of what this young man has to say.


But what are the changes that we need to make – as black people, as people, as Americans?

Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Stop blaming others for the decisions that we make.
  2. Turn off the television so that we can learn to think for ourselves.
  3. Stop thinking that hard work is not meant for us.
  4. Stop hating on people of other cultures that come over here, start businesses and thrive.
  5. Start reading things that will edify us and teach us how to become self-sufficient.
  6. Stop reading trash.
  7. Teach our children how to think, and solve problems without violence.
  8. Value education and utilize it to better ourselves.
  9. Stop being envious of people that succeed and excel in what they do
  10. Take an interest in what goes on in our communities.
  11. Get active in our churches and houses of worship.
  12. Teach our children how to be ethical and integral.
  13. Be examples to everyone that is watching, they are watching.
  14. Be lawful but respectfully question authority.
  15. Be passionate about life.
  16. Motivate others to be and act positive.
  17. Respect and help the homeless, widows, orphans and the elderly.
  18. Respect ourselves.
  19. Don’t throw trash out of our cars onto the street.
  20. Respect and treat others as we would want to be respected.
  21. Tell the truth no matter the consequences.
  22. Forgive.
  23. Love, don’t hold grudges, it only makes us bitter.
  24. Share good news with others and don’t hoard successful strategies.
  25. Pray.
  26. Seek wise council before making rash decisions.
  27. Manage our money so that we will not always be broke busted and disgusted.
  28. Don’t take what does not belong to us whether it be physical or intellectual.
  29. Keep our minds sharp and clear of evil thoughts.
  30. Eat as healthy as possible so that our minds won’t be foggy.
  31. Share your wealth and wisdom with those that want to excel – be a mentor.

You have heard 31 of my suggestions for CHANGE.

Now let me hear some of yours.


27 thoughts on “Sherry Peel Jackson's Thoughts About Ferguson Missouri”

  1. That was very interesting and complete but just as you have given us the insight to investigate the I.R.S. that also should be done with this case; which Michael Brown the living being and or enity was look at as MICHAEL BROWN, the “Person” (Black Laws Dictionary” in the court system, where the corporate enity is already look at as being dead. That Micael Brown was free to do as he please long as he didn’t break this Common Law “Do No Harm”. That Office Darren Wilson was operating in the capacity “Police Officer” (Policy), which gave hime the right to take a life and get away with do it in a legal form form my own protection; instead of his 1st charge, which is a “Peace Officer”. Trayvon Martain was another case where a living being is place in a “Corporate Person” status, so then the statueory Law was allow to previel over the Living Being. Until we understand this and bring forth the truth of this matter; we will continue seeing cases like this in the media.
    His Mothrer & Father were not only the Benificary of that Living Trust; but was also the Authorize Representative, CEO’s, Executive’s, Grantor’s, Secure Party Holders) of that “Living Trust” which the State created; also the care giver and true authority over that living being; so if was nice that Grand Jury was involed, they should have brought charges against Darren Wilson, the living being, excluding his role “yes Role” as a “Police Officer”, and the taking of an unarmed living being, their son’s life. That officer Wilson, didn’t valiolate his so called “Civil” “Rights”, (Black Laws Dictionary), but took the life of a living being, and the uniform shouldn’t be a security clause use to operate in the capacity of “Police (Policy) Office; because he took an oath of office to uphold and defend, Common Law, and the contract his County, State, agree to have with the corporation called “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. This contract (Constitution of the United States) with the “People” and the Union, is the supreme law of the land.
    So if it was my child his butt would be in the fight of his life to keep from going to prison; for not following the laws of the “Contract” with the People and the corporation, which he took an oath to uphold and protect.

  2. Hi Sherry, Thank you for this post. If the Bible is true, and I believe it to be, then there can only be one blood and one race. Anything other than this would be racism. Love and forgiveness is the Bible’s remedy for all error and slander against another. If you can practice those two action verbs, love and forgiveness) all of your bullet points can be met. It will take a humble heart to start this type of life. It will take a heart of compassion for others to start this type of life. It will take a revolution of heart (a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.) to start this type of life. Jonathan in the video seeks this I believe.

  3. The peoples of this world are ALL 99.9% related, according to a National Geographic DNA study! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

  4. Johnathan Gentry makes a lot of good points, but an unlawful arrest should arguably be resisted. always letting “the man” assert his authority over you even when you’re doing nothing wrong doesn’t help either.

    as for your points, Sherry, I can’t find any fault except that I’m questioning “intellectual property” after reading a number of libertarian discussions on it. you might want to do some reading and reevaluation yourself. peace — jc

  5. No matter what happened with Michael Brown that resulted in his death, there is one fact that no one can dispute. If he had been doing something productive with his life, if he had NOT been involved in illegal behavior robbing and using illegal drugs, if he had not been walking down the middle of the street that day, but in school or working a job, NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO HIM.

    Adrian Stone, all the talk about the “Corporate Person” vs the “Person” or the “living person” notwithstanding, Michael Brown, in either case, violated not only the statutory law, but the moral law to which every living being is subject, whether they like it or not. Every civilization, even those remote tribes in the Amazon rain forest and other undeveloped locations have a code of conduct – a standard of right and wrong. It is an instinct built into mankind, because without law and order, a code of conduct, a moral compass, our world would sink into a dog-eat-dog nightmare and implode on itself. So with your rhetoric, you excuse the fact that Michael Brown, the “corporate person” and Michael Brown the living being, robbed and assaulted a store owner, was on drugs, and attacked an officer who was doing his job responding to call that a person fitting Michael Brown’s description had just robbed a store.

    What part of that do you think was acceptable? And IF you excuse that behavior in Michael Brown and anyone else simply because they are black, who do you think will come to your defense and aid if YOU are the one who is being assaulted and robbed? After all, if his behavior was acceptable against the store owner and the police officer, it should be perfectly acceptable for him to do the same thing to you. No, Adrian, this is not about the color of his skin, or a violation of his civil rights, or the corporation called the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” This is about fundamental right and wrong, and the law of sowing and reaping. The Apostle Paul said, ” Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.” Galatians 6:7-9

    So, if it HAD been your child out robbing stores, assaulting people and attacking police officers who were doing their job, you should expect that the law of sowing and reaping might just be the law that comes back to your child, and instead of going after someone who was doing his job, look to your own self and what you taught that child. Did you teach him to love God and man, or did you teach him to hate because of perceived or real injustice? God says, “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord. I will repay in due time.” Our job, according to Jesus, is to love even our enemies.

  6. I agree, in part, with this Brother. I do not believe that looting and destroying property is the answer. But neither is quoting Bible verses.

    However, we must be reminded that we did not start any of this. It was a White Power structure that created and perpetuated the White supremacist situation in America. I submit that White America needs to change. I am classified as a “middle-class” American (I work in West Africa) but I stopped counting the times when I was pulled over by White police for no reason at all and it made me angry. I remember as a child why I had to use different public facilities than Whites.

    Sadly and unfortunately, slavery does still exist in America and I will tell you why? Many of us – including the Brother in this video – resorts to the very religion and book that was imposed upon our African ancestors. My point here is that Black people in America (and outside of America) are more in love with an ancestry and religion that is is not theirs than what is African.

    There is a subtle campaign to make Black people forget their ancestry and many Whites will NEVER be happy or feel comfortable until they completely fashioned us and mold us into controllable “safe” Negroes who possess and champion THEIR ancestry and the religion they imposed upon our ancestors.

    Permit me to explain to all why there are so many problems in America with Black people and why so much rage at Whites: It is because our people were slaves and lynched and murdered and mistreated by Whites. One would have to have lived during that era in Americas history to fully appreciate the impact of it. We were the only people (who would become Americans) who had their African identities, history, religion and mores taken away from us and then had a “European-based” identity, mindset and religion IMPOSED upon us.

    So what I am saying is that we DO NOT KNOW WHO WE ARE. Many say they are Americans. But think: What does that really mean? At the root it REALLY means that unless you comply with the White powers that be and adopt their religions and traditions, you will never be truly viewed as an American.

    Until we learn about our African history (outside the periphery of the United States) and come to appreciate it more than the one that has been imposed upon us; and until the White Power structure stops trying to turn us into a people who share a White mindset and respect that we have African roots, then all can be on the road to recovery.

    I blame the White Missionaries and Churches for effecting this change in us. We adore a White man with long hair who has the name of Jesus and we lose our minds when we feel someone is picking on him.

    News Flash: Jesus ascended and is no longer flesh and blood. He is invisible. And, when we was on earth he was not in the likeness of a man of European descent nor an African. Yet, why is he being portrayed in art, film, literature and religion as a White man? And, why are Black people idolizing a portrayal of someone who no one has seen?

    I remind everyone how White America acted when a Black man by the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay reacted when he changed his name to Muhammad Ali. They were outraged. Why? Because Ali cast off an ancestry that was not his and this made White America uncomfortable. They lost a safe and controllable Negro. What an arrogant and narrow-minded thing it is to be outraged because a Black man no longer want a name that was given him by White slave owners.

    I remind everyone of Nelson Mandela who was unjustly thrown into prison for more than 25 years because of speak out against Apartheid in South Africa!

    I could go on and on. This is a problem that White America has to come to grips with. Many of them KNOW (behind closed doors) that they are mostly the problem in oppressing Black people in America.

    It saddens me when I here Black folk quoting the Bible with directing it towards us. Why not apply some Scriptures to the Whites who created this bad situation from the nations beginning.

    We did not make ourselves slaves, we were MADE someone else’s property and this mindset of being superior rather than equal has not gone away.

    Please let us not resort to burning candles and singing “We Shall Overcome” and making peace unless it is a sincere peace. I have yet to see the White Power Structure keep an agreement.

    The Native Indian knows this better than most.

  7. This is a response to comment, Now if you really read my comment; I clearly stated that under Common Law, we are free to do as we please “except”, “Do NO
    Harm”, mean if you do “Harm”; then under Common Law, you will have to answer for that action; also I believe its stated “You shall Reap, what you sow”. I’m sure that doesn’t mean “Death”unarmed.

    Now before I continue, let me state for the record who is making this comment or statements. I am a KingFatherMan and lastly a warrior. I have a child, young lady princess, who next year will turn 18; also retire military 21 1/2 years of service to this country. I also took an oath of office; but until 2 years ago didn’t “really” understand, or better yet “Overstanding” the meaning of that oath; which I served and received an Honorable discharge.
    It was truly a blessing to server thiscountry, and represent it all over this planet.
    Now for young man growing up in the “inner city’ not Ghetto, doing
    the political situation civil rights of the 60’s, or the government crimes of “drugs”
    being drop off in my community, the robbery of the “father principle”, miss-education, with teacher that truly cared (Like both my parents) hands tied behind them with material that was 20 – 25 years old; along with teaching structures that cause young men (Mostly Black & Latino’s) to walk away from the school system to form a structure that they could adapt and bond, which society calling “gangs’ today. I speak on these things, because I was part of those things; and in my youth did few things that would be places in the term as criminal. But with the guidance of my parent (Didn’t spare the rod); Peace Officer; LET ME STATE AGAIN “PEACE OFFICERS”, along with “FAMILY members”, Church, and the system of youth correctional system, I learn to make it to “Manhood” and able to overcome those situation.

    So that why, will standby what, I wrote earlier today, that because he was young and might have been acting in a manner that needed to be address; that does not give “Anyone” the “right” to take a life of “anyone” that is unarmed. One of the requirements of taking on that “Career”, “Not a Job”; which I believe is one of the diseases of the Career called “Police Office”; you need to be able to handle and defuse a situation; plenty of times seen “Peace Office” had to handle a
    situation like was stated about Michael Brown; and we never had them take life
    as we see it happening today. You might gotten a little ass beating, but you
    still made it home; and lived to see another day. I say this with because in my
    youth a few times; I was acting in a manner not fitting a young man, especially
    young black man with “good home up bring” or better yet called “Home Training”. “Peace Office” told hold of the situation, and brought me home in handcuffs; and ask my mother what would she wanted to happen; and with calmness “she replied” , “ I GOT THIS”, and as Christian like to shout “Yes” “Lord” Jesus , she did, and proved it; and didn’t call my father or tell him… “Kind of wish, she did”…. Well my backside wish she had…. “I’m just saying”… just saying.

    So that fundamental right , wrong doing, and the saying “ you shall reap
    what you sow, it all fall under that supreme law of the land; which is part of that Contract the “We The People” have with States, that join the union called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    NO I don’t want my child out there robbing
    stores, or hurting anyone; and if he/she does forget; don’t want a system that
    train “Peace Office” to forget that oath of office, either being scared of working in the community they are assigned or not able to perform the task of the Career of Peace Officer, that they turn to the job title “Police Office” which deals with (Policy) and other laws, that have nothing to do with Human, and or Livig Being, and or Living Entity life, and use the easiest path of taking a life.

    One more thing I like to say, not only do I have “Peace Officers” in my
    family that are serving and or have served in the community in that “Career” path; none to this day had to take a life to care out protecting and keep the peace in the community they have been assigned. I am very proud to say, one served for over 21 years with award to service to his community.

    I like to say lastly, not a preacher or anything like that, but by understand and not believing, the Creator is caring and loving, has provide for young to learn from parents and elders of the community, and this means everyone has a part in the growth of our young people raised to adulthood, now all these story of Vengeance or permission in the Creator’s name is not part of my spirituaity. Because the statement reap what you sow; was
    a common sense (Creator Reasoning) a reality our ancestors came to Overstand, in forming community and everyday deal with one another.


    THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your
    book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When
    you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control
    you. One way or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the mechanism of
    control. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you — because if
    they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone scale so that they
    can control you. Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control
    you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not “is going
    to,” but “is” lying to you.

    Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person who is trying to
    control you is lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control,
    because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him
    and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can’t control somebody without telling
    them a bunch of lies. You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest
    weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying
    to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the
    thing blows up.

    Well, religion has done this. Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must
    be lying. After a while it figures out (even itself) that it is lying, and then it
    starts down tone scale further and further, and all of a sudden people get down along this
    spring-like bottom (heresy) and say, “Are we going into apathy and die, or are we
    going to revolt?” And they revolt, because you can only lie to people so long.

    Unfortunately there is always a new cycle of lying.”

    From “The Anatomy of Slavespeak” You can read all of it here:
    I promise, it will be good for you.

  9. Respectfully, H Jerome Harris, I did grow up during that time of Civil Rights movement, and I applauded the work of Dr King. He was NONVIOLENT. (The Ferguson Fiasco LOOKS IN NO WAY LIKE HIS WORK. IT is a stench in his nostrils, I am sure!)

    But (and your reply is far too long to try to respond to everything that was off base, so I will hit your greatest errors) I agree, you SHOULD learn about your glorious African heritage. It consists of animism, living in fear of the local witch doctor, of cannibalism, unrestrained sexual license, and the most poignant of all, SLAVERY. Greed, Lust, and Exploitative Fear. Yep, that’s your heritage!

    You are dead wrong when you say White’s enslaved your race. Factually completely false! BLACK African slave traders would kidnap, capture, enslave, and sell OTHER black Africans to the Evil Europeans you so want to vilify. Whites did not start this problem. BLACK AFRICANS DID! As an aside, your BLACK ANCESTORS DECENDANT’S TODAY ARE MUSLIM, in many places, and they are STILL ENSLAVING WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS, and selling them in the sex trade to wealthy Arabs. Just like the BLACK pimps in your ghetto blighted communities continue the sin of enslavement, by use of drug addiction and or sex trafficking, and usually both, to wield power in predominantly black communities. The same sins have been passed down to this current generation. Only proactive renunciation of these sins, and a REPENTANCE = CHANGE OF MIND THAT RESULTS IN A CHANGE OF ACTIONS will EVER GET BLACKS (OR ANY OTHER COLOR PEOPLE) free! It’s called taking responsibility for your OWN life, not blaming everyone or anyone else.

    I hasten to add that it was WILLIAM WILBURFORCE, a WHITE Englishman, who spent his lifetime battling the evils started by your Black Ancestors, and who finally got a bill passed in Parliament defeating the wicked practice. (Oh, you didn’t know that, did you? Try watching ‘Amazing Grace’, a great movie.)

    It was WHITE, PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN NORTHERNERS who fought, bled and died, to GIVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM! Be sure to thank a white YANKEE sometime!

    In America, it was WHITE REPUBLICANS who voted with NO DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT IN CONGRESS to pass civil rights laws bringing an end to segregation (Look up who voted how on that beloved Civil Rights Act!)

    The White Man’s ‘European Religion’, values, mores and so on, was MIDDLE EASTERN MESSIANIC CHRISTIAN IN ORIGIN! Not white, not European.

    But lest you think I am biased and can’t see any truth in what you wrote, I will show you some. You are right that the Traditional Organized Christian Religion is a vehicle of control. That is because it’s chief control features ARE NOT CONTAINED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. If you have any real guts, or really want to be set free from your bitterness, read Pagan Christianity by Viola and Barna. Then read Reimagining Church by Viola. Then Look up Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (

    You CAN be free. But you can’t be free as long as you must cling to ‘being right’, and ‘being wronged’, and ‘make them White people change!’ You have to want to cling to ‘the Truth’ and those are two very different things.

    You MUST open your eyes! Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Barak Obama, Eric Holder. For God’s sake, can’t you see you won the Civil Rights War!? You OVERCAME! 96 blacks where killed by cops last year. OVER 500 BLACKS were admitted to Yale, Harvard, Princeton last YEAR! You FREAKIN’ WON! Wake UP! Turn off the damned TV! Learn to THINK FOR YOURSELF, and stop letting the MSNBC or Fox either one tell you what to think!

    I expect you will dismiss me as a [insert name calling label here], because I don’t parrot your talking points. That’s okay. Because SOMEONE ELSE, a smart young black man or woman who has grown up in the last 30 years in a middle class home with parents who had enough sense to stop making excuses for their subculture’s victim mentality and went out and OVERCAME, will read this and find out how to be ‘Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!’

    And finally, I will say this: when I was in the seventh grade, a mean thug black kid robbed me. As a result, I hated all blacks, labeling them all with the same bad words. But one day I met a brown Man, who loved me in spite of my unforgiveness, and when I repented of that sin, he washed me and made me ‘white as snow’. By the way, there is NO ONE, AND NO RACE, that is ‘white as snow’. That is a supernatural clean!

    Lastly, I will say, this Ferguson Fiasco is race baiting, using the death of a violent, angry, HUGE 18 year old, to tear the races apart. I can prove that, because a BLACK YOUNG MAN WAS BURNED TO DEATH IN HIS CAR, thanks to the murderers who set his car aflame as part of a ‘Protest’ of that 18 year old’s death. AND YOUR SAINTED BLACK TALKING HEADS ARE NOT SAYING A DAMNED THING ABOUT THIS!

    There’s plenty of repentance to go around for EVERYBODY!

  10. I am probably the only other person who read and understood what you were saying, Adriane Stone. But you are wrong!
    Wilson was/is a ‘Public Officer’, enforcing Statutory Law. But Michael Brown, was ALSO a ‘public officer’, and was violating Statutory Law by assaulting a Public Officer in the carrying out of his duties. Brown (yes I know about the capital letters thing, but that isn’t the point) I’m sure had a Social Security Number/Contract, and that status was unrebutted I am equally willing to bet.

    Therefore, BROWN assaulted WILSON. The totality of the circumstances, ie a 90 lbs larger assailant raining down hammer blows to a trapped in a car smaller victim, PUT HIM IN FEAR OF HIS LIFE OR SEVERE BODILY HARM, and that is all that is required for the statutory use of force, to include deadly/lethal force. One fist to the throat and he would have be incapacitated. If that had happened, the assailant could then have KILLED Wilson. He was justified in the use of deadly force. Maybe he should have retreated. But he is a cop. We don’t hire cops to RUN AWAY FROM ASSAILANTS! We hire them to stop the threats! I am sorry the kid made a bad choice. The cop had worked in black neighborhoods for 6 years, never had a problem, until this incident. He acted according to every protocol. He is a good cop, and should not have been fired/forced to resign.

    Everyone who is all fired mad SHOULD READ THE TESTIMONY AND GRAND JURY FINDINGS, instead of listening to any of the press crap!
    The Truth is there, but you have to look for it!

  11. Thank you, Saddaf, for this excellent response. Your facts are spot on, and your logic is flawless. The problem is that those who cry “racism” the loudest are, themselves, often the biggest racists so blinded by hatred over what happened hundreds of years ago that they will not look around them and acknowledge that while this world is not perfect, not every white is a racist, and no one in this generation is responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago. To let go of past injustices and move forward does not make light of the suffering that many endured.

    As for ancestry, I may be a descendant of Dutch, German, Irish and Swedish forefathers, but the only genealogy that matters to me is that of Jesus Christ, who enabled me to be adopted as a child of God. The color of my skin and the skin of my brothers and sisters in Christ is irrelevant, because we are ALL loved by our heavenly Father. It is eternity that matters, and it is who we are IN CHRIST that is our true heritage!

    Anyone, white, black, brown or red who remains bitter over past injustices enslaves themselves to their hatred as surely as anyone has ever been enslaved in chains.

  12. Islam is a religion. I am talking about “a people” namely, Africans.

    Sir, you are in denial just as are many Whites. History is powerful testimony that Africans were made the property of the man of European descent. It was a Pope (Pope Nicholas V) who endorsed the African Slave Trade. I actually live on a West African Island that was a drop off point where the Europeans (Portuguese) sold and traded African Slaves. Come here and tell the people what you wrote here. They will laugh at you.

    You speak with such hate and disdain for people of Black skin.

    No Christian died for the “freedom” of Blacks. They died to enslave us and keep us suppressed and to remove any vestige of African identity and give us identities that are not ours. How arrogant and evil is that.

    I remind you of not only the evil Christian Slave Trade, but also the evil Spanish Inquisition, The evil Crusades and the Salem Witch Hunts.

    I remind you of the lynchings of Black men and women in America by persons claiming to be Christians and the KKK who also hail themselves as Christians.

    The disease of “White Supremacy” is THE PROBLEM in the world and their is an obvious militaristic push to subdue the world. Africa is even being sadly invaded.

    You say everything the White man (who is fearful of Black people waking up to the truth) want to hear.

    It would be “alcoholic” of anyone to believe that race is not an issue in America. Do you really think Black people revolt just for the fun of it? I personally have felt the whip of discrimination because of the color of my skin in my more than 60 years of life.

    I wish it were not so. But it is.

    You counter with black on black crime. This is a bad thing and it too was created and the result of many years of living in a system of suppression, discrimination and lack of educational opportunities. It’s like living in a small room with 100 people packed into it. Soon you get frustrated and angry. Black on black crime is not the same as White “occupying armies” surrounding you and hemming you in like cattle and keeping you poor and suppressed.

    I believe that many of the “Black Saints” you refer to are on the CIA and FBI payrolls and are their pawns to be dispatched to calm the “natives” down when they get agitated.

    America has been in the closet for too long with regard race and it sickens me to read such “in-denial” comments such as this as it is nothing but fodder to massage White conscience that race is not a problem in America and that Black people have no basis to gripe.

  13. Darrell, I thought love and forgiveness was Jesus’ remedy – not the Bible. The Bible is a book. Jesus is a person. Why is a book being attributed to what Jesus himself taught?

    Did Jesus not say at John 14:6 that “he” is the way, the truth and the life?” It is not that “The Bible” is the way, the truth and the life.”

    The problem is that many persons love to resort to quoting Scripture when the very ones who have used Scripture to oppress a people, refuse to follow those things Jesus taught themselves.

    One just cannot speak of love and forgiveness while keeping a thumb on others and holding them down.

    Jesus called persons like that hypocrites. He said at Matthew 7:3-5:

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

    Yes, we are all supposed to be Brothers. But there appears to be a “Brother” race who does not take Jesus’ words to heart for themselves. This race is largely not listening and has not removed the plank out of his own eye.

  14. My heart goes out to all. I just try to remember John 1:14 in regards to Jesus and the Word and the Word becoming flesh. We all have opinions and I respect them all. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, and if I did, I do beg forgiveness. My intent was love.

  15. Hi,
    Here we go again, so here is the facts again what I was trying to comment on; yes by Statutory Law Office Wilson had a right to shot the young man. “Statutory Law; “But”, yes there is a “but”, here is a”Fact”; Michael Brown, “You”, “Me”, are not under Statutory Law, unless you volunteer to be.”Statutory ” Law is only is effective in court when you waiver your “Rights”, “Common Law Right”. So when
    you in front of a Judge and he ask you “Do You Understand”, that judge is
    looking for you to stand in for the corporate entity that “All Capital Letter” “Person”, which they can have authority over.
    Now my Proof of Claim to this statement.

    1st is Black Laws Dictionary”,

    2nd Proof of Claim: 63C Am.Jur.2d,
    Public Officers and Employees

    * *63C Am.Jur.2d, Public Officers and Employees, §247* “As expressed otherwise,
    the powers delegated to a public officer are held in trust for the people and
    are to be exercised on behalf of the government or of all citizens who may need
    the intervention of the officer.

    [1] Furthermore, the view has been expressed that all public officers, within
    whatever branch and whatever level of government, and whatever be their private vocations, are trustees of the people, and accordingly labor under every
    disability and prohibition imposed by law upon trustees relative to the making
    of personal financial gain from a discharge of their trusts.

    [2] That is, a public officer occupies a fiduciary relationship to the
    political entity on whose behalf he or she serves.

    [3] And owes a fiduciary duty to the public.

    [4] It has been said that the fiduciary responsibilities of a public officer
    cannot be less than those of a private individual.

    [5] Furthermore, it has been stated that any enterprise undertaken by the
    public official who tends to weaken public confidence and undermine the sense
    of security for individual rights is against public policy. Fraud in its
    elementary common law sense of deceit-and this is one of the meanings that
    fraud bears [483 U.S. 372] in the statute.

    See United States v. Dial, 757 F.2d 163, 168 (7th Cir1985) the deliberate
    concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A
    public official is a fiduciary toward the public, including, the judge, in
    reference to litigants who appear before him and he deliberately concealed
    material information from them, he was guilty of fraud. McNally v United States
    483 U.S.350 (1987)

    3rd Proof of Claim: Here is a Common Law Right which has been converted into Statutory Law, which has been use by “Police Office”, instead of protecting your “Right”, and upholds the “Law” they took an oath to follow.

    The use of a “driver’s license”: There is no real need for me to have such a “license” for travelling in a car. However, if I am stopped for any reason and found to be without a “license,” it is likely I would be unduly harassed
    and penalized. Therefore, under duress, I carry a “license” only to avoid extreme inconvenience.

    Supreme Court Case to support “That you don’t need a Driver’s License’ to operate a motor car; it’s your Common Law “Right”, not Statutory Law, which makes it a privilege

    CASE #1: “The use of the highway
    for the purpose of travel and transportation is
    not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and
    individuals cannot rightfully be deprived.” Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago,
    169 NE 221.

    CASE #2: “The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways
    and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a common law
    right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 579. it could not be stated more directly or conclusively that citizens of the states have a common law right to travel, without approval or restriction (license), and that this right is protected under the U.S Constitution.

    CASE #4: “The right to travel is a well-established common right that does not owe its existence to the federal government. It is recognized by the courts as a natural right.” Schactman v. Dulles 96 App DC 287, 225 F2d 938, at 941.

    So here is a statutory Law, which affect millions of people here in America every day in which your common law rights was converted into a Privilege to have jurisdiction over “you”, not knowing that the law can only apply to the “Corporate Entity created; but “you” the living being has a right to use these public road and highways without having a “Driving License”. You are free to do as you please, as long as you don’t “ CAUSE NO HARM”, that these entire road were created for the “People” to travel anyway in the United States.

    4th Proof of Claim: Here are some law I feel you don’t know about, but will better help you “Overstand” my comments; please feel free to do the research for yourself and then come back with Proof of Claim that that “Office Wilson” didn’t violate the “Rights” of Michael Brown, and did misuse the oath of office he took.

    December 26th 1933 49 Statute 3097 Treaty Series 881 (Convention on Rights and Duties of States) stated CONGRESS replaced STATUTES with international law, placing all states under international law.

    December 9th 1945 International Organization Immunities Act: relinquished every public office of the United States to the United Nations.

    22 CFR 92.12-92.31 FR Heading “Foreign Relationship” states that an oath
    is required to take office.

    Title 8 USC 1481 stated once an oath of office is taken citizenship is elinquished, thus you become a foreign entity, gency, or state. That means every ublic office is a foreign state, including all political subdivisions.
    (i.e. every single court is considered a separate foreign entity)

    FederalRules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 4j states that the Court jurisdiction and immunity fall under a foreign state.

    The 11th Amendment states”
    The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any
    suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States
    by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of a Foreign State.” (A foreign entity, agency, or state cannot bring any suit against a United States citizen without abiding the following procedure.)

    Title 22 CFR 93.1-93.2, states that the Department of State has to be notified of any suit, and in turn has to notify the United States citizen of said suit.

    Title 28 USC 1330 states that the United States District Court has to grant permission for the suit to be pursued once the court has been supplied sufficient proof that the United States citizen is actually a corporate entity.

    Title 28 USC 1608 I have Absolute Immunity as a Corporation

    Title 28 USC 1602-1611 (Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act) allows the
    jurisdiction of a court to be challenged, and a demand of proper jurisdiction
    to be stated.

    This mean “Michael Brown”, You, “Me”, “Anyone” can as a “Police Officer”
    for proper jurisdiction, and ID. So that officer or person must proof that they have authority to stop me, ask me question or anything; unless I have “Done Harm”.

    July 27th 1868 15 Statutes at Large Chapter 249 Section 1 “Acts Concerning American Citizens in a Foreign State”, expatriation, is what is broken when
    jurisdiction is demanded, and it is not met with an answer.

    I hope this has been helpful in my earlier comments , I made on this blog.
    So as they like to say in court; “Your Honor, I rest my case”

    Please do the research, and you might learn more about your “rights”. Now
    don’t know all the facts about this case; and new things are coming out every
    day; even about what type of information was given to that Grand Jury; in which
    they were given an old public statutory law; which the Supreme Court had pass
    judgment on and was not lawful in the action of “Police Officer”

    I agree with all that it’s possible that Michael Brown was doing something
    wrong, but as a child, okay “teenager” that officer should had been able to
    handle this situation without using deadly force. That’s all I’m really trying to say here. I want the “Peace Office” to fully understand his oath of Office, which falls
    under the Contract with the “We The People”.

  16. Hi
    I mention about the Civil Right movement, and other things I grew up with; to say we had public office staff “Peace Officer” , that held down the Peace and Protection of the community without being a “Police Office” and gangs and criminal activity out number the Officers assign to certain areas. We didn’t have as many unarmed shooting as we see now happen in the urban community as now showen on the news. A few of the comments maded, shows me we have a real bad problem here in America. I might choose to bring some facts to light on here, not sure yet. Let’s not get to carried away with social condition. Instead let’s bring some real facts to light. I made a statement, then presented “facts” to those statements to support “my” view on this subject. I appreciate and sure Mrs. Jackson does too; feel that this plateform can be use to help bring about change.
    I am a fan of Mrs. Jackson because she open my eyes to knowledge I didn’t know before; and taking her advice, I did my reserach and now a warrior for bring forth truth.
    I appreciate all the comments to my posting, and hope that I didn’t offend “anyone” and in someway, us talking with bring about change.
    Mer-Hotep: (Love & Peace) be with you “All”

  17. Breaking News:
    A grand jury on Staten Island voted on Wednesday afternoon not to indict a police officer in the July chokehold death of Eric Garner, according to someone briefed on the matter. See related article.

    Mr. Garner, 43, died in July after officers tried to arrest him for selling untaxed cigarettes. The medical examiner concluded that a chokehold applied by Officer Daniel Pantoleo helped cause Mr. Garner’s death.

    The decision was awaited across the country as tension lingers following a Missouri grand jury’s refusal last month to indict an officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson.

    Mr. Garner was also black and unarmed. His fatal encounter with the police was captured on video, and his dying words “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry for protesters against police brutality in New York.

    The police are bracing for protests in response to the grand jury decision.

  18. I feel sorry for service men, the oath they and you swore is horrible, a Christian cannot swear to uphold the wicked laws this land stands for and the “rights” that shoulders are um fighting for are rights for women to murder their unborn babies….
    And for a “Christian” to swear a muslim for their leader is something I cannot reason…. James 5:12 and Matthew 5:33
    Revelation 13:8 so many worship the beast today, it’s called the pledge to the amerikan flag, the beast symbol for this murderous country.

  19. This to commets made from Patrick,

    I’m trying to answer you post in a positive way; so 1st like to say that I join the military because being raised by a single mother, felt the need for some male guidance in my life, next was an oppountunity to learn a trade, see the world, and earn money for college. Most of my uncles had served too; and even tried joining before while I was still in high school; but that “Queen Mother” , went right down to the recruiting station kick open the door and made them rip up the papers; I and my best friend George had sign. “And” this was her “Quote” , I
    don’t mind him serving, because all my brothers have served; but you not having
    him until he graduate high. ….. “Bad Woman”… No Joke… we tried to join the Army, but when I graduated, decided to going to the Navy; and what a ride in life that was for me. I grew into manhood on my 1st tour, and was station in Japan. In two weeks being there; land an extra job as DJRapper in a top club, and kept for my entire time station in Japan which was almost 3 years. I served on a prestigious ship USS Midway CVA-41, which is now a museum in San Diego CA. While on that ship, visited 8 Countries all before the age of 21; and from a boy that grew up in Bronx that’s amazing.

    I notice that people like to use a lot of Christian quotes from the Bible, and was wondering “Why’; I have not made in reference to “spirituality” while posting on here; I’m not a Christian any longer, I do come from a strong Christian back ground. My Grandfather was a Baptist minister with several churches under his management. I was raise as a Roman Catholic for many years. But through all that, just saying “I’m didn’t feel sorry” for being part of the military and serving this country; even with the wrong doing that going on. By me serving this country, it upheld the Contract between “We The People” and United States Of
    America, out of that we have the Bill Of Rights; which allows you and me to
    speak freely. Because I have been in countries were that freedom is suppressed
    and put down with force.

    I truly wish you had made comments on the topic which, I was speaking on then a religious point of view and quotes from the “Bible” and feeling sorry for me; rather wished you feel sorry for the Mother’s and Father’s that have lost “son”, not in war, or protecting your freedom, but unarmed by an organization that allow human being to disregard the life of another human being,

    This is what I was commenting on, lets hear you thoughts on this subject

    A list of unarmed Blacks killed by police

    Here is a list of unarmed Blacks killed by police in the US. It is extremely incomplete. A complete list for just 2005 to 2012 would have at least 760 killings. I have only 6% of those. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Those in bold are linked to posts of their own:

    2014: Tamir Rice
    (Cleveland, OH)

    2014: Victor White III (Iberia Parish, LA)

    2014: Dante Parker (San Bernardino County, CA)

    2014: Ezell Ford (Los Angeles, CA)

    2014: Michael
    Brown (Ferguson, MO)

    2014: Tyree Woodson (Baltimore, MD)

    2014: John Crawford III
    (Beavercreek, OH)

    2014: Eric
    Garner (New York, NY)

    2014: Yvette Smith (Bastrop, TX)

    2014: Jordan Baker (Houston, TX)

    2013: Barrington Williams (New York, NY)

    2013: Carlos Alcis (New York, NY)

    2013: Deion Fludd (New York, NY)

    2013: Jonathan
    Ferrell (Bradfield Farms, NC)

    2013: Kimani
    Gray (New York, NY)

    2013: Kyam Livingstone (New York, NY)

    2013: Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. (Austin, TX)

    2013: Miriam Carey (Washington, DC)

    2012: Chavis Carter (Jonesboro, AR)

    2012: Dante Price (Dayton, OH)

    2012: Duane Brown (New York, NY)

    2012: Ervin Jefferson (Atlanta, GA)

    2012: Jersey Green (Aurora, IL)

    2012: Johnnnie Kamahi Warren (Dotham, AL)

    2012: Justin Slipp (New Orleans, LA)

    2012: Kendrec McDade (Pasadena, CA)

    2012: Malissa Williams (Cleveland, OH)

    2012: Nehemiah Dillard (Gainesville, FL)

    2012: Ramarley
    Graham (New York, NY)

    2012: Raymond Allen (Galveston, TX)

    2012: Rekia
    Boyd (Chicago, IL)

    2012: Reynaldo Cuevas (New York, NY)

    2012: Robert Dumas Jr (Cleveland, OH)

    2012: Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr (Orange County, CA)

    2012: Shantel Davis (New York, NY)

    2012: Sharmel Edwards (Las Vegas, NV)

    2012: Shereese Francis (New York, NY)

    2012: Tamon Robinson (New York, NY)

    2012: Timothy Russell (Cleveland, OH)

    2012: Wendell Allen (New Orleans, LA)

    2011: Alonzo Ashley (Denver, CO)

    2011: Jimmell Cannon (Chicago, IL)

    2011: Kenneth
    Chamberlain (White Plains, NY)

    2011: Kenneth Harding (San Francisco, CA)

    2011: Raheim Brown (Oakland, CA)

    2011: Reginald Doucet (Los Angeles, CA)

    2010: Aaron Campbell (Portland, OR)

    2010: Aiyana
    Jones (Detroit, MI)

    2010: Danroy Henry (Thornwood, NY)

    2010: Derrick Jones (Oakland, CA)

    2010: Steven Eugene Washington (Los Angeles, CA)

    2009: Kiwane Carrington (Champaign, IL)

    2009: Oscar
    Grant (Oakland, CA)

    2009: Shem Walker (New York, NY)

    2009: Victor Steen (Pensacola, FL)

    2008: Tarika Wilson (Lima, OH)

    2007: DeAunta Terrel Farrow (West Memphis, AR)

    2006: Sean
    Bell (New York, NY)

    2005: Henry Glover (New Orleans, LA)

    2005: James Brisette (New Orleans, LA)

    2005: Ronald Madison (New Orleans, LA)

    2004: Timothy Stansbury (New York, NY)

    2003: Alberta Spruill (New York, NY)

    2003: Orlando Barlow (Las Vegas, NV)

    2003: Ousmane Zongo (New York, NY)

    2003: Michael Ellerbe (Uniontown, PA)

    2001: Timothy Thomas (Cincinnati, OH)

    2000: Earl Murray (Dellwood, MO)

    2000: Malcolm Ferguson (New York, NY)

    2000: Patrick Dorismond (New York, NY)

    2000: Prince Jones (Fairfax County, VA)

    2000: Ronald Beasley (Dellwood, MO)

    1999: Amadou Diallo (New York, NY)

    1994: Nicholas Heyward Jr. (New York, NY)

    1992: Malice Green (Detroit, MI)

    1985: Edmund
    Perry (New York, NY)

    1984: Eleanor Bumpurs (New York, NY)

    1983: Michael Stewart (New York, NY)

    1981: Ron Settles (Signal Hill, CA)

    1979: Eula Love (Los Angeles, CA)

    1969: Mark Clark (Chicago, IL)

    1969: Fred
    Hampton (Chicago, IL)

    1964: James Powell (New York, NY)

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