Welcome to My Blog

I thank the Lord that He got me through three years in the valley. Now it’s time to live again! I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive, and I want you to thrive also. To that end, this blog and my monthly newsletters will:

  • Get you up to date on what went on with me over the last few years (everyone is asking).
  • Let you know, based on my research, what is happening in our world and what steps to take to thrive in this environment.
  • Update you on my progress in publishing the books I wrote while in prison.
  • Inform you about speaking engagements and radio interviews, or just when I will be in your area.
  • Introduce you to my business enterprises and show you ways to increase revenue and develop multiple streams on revenue.

Each month the newsletter will be sent out to you with news and relevant information. In addition, you can go to my website SherryPeelJackson.org and review my blog posts during the month.

I look forward to getting reacquainted with all of you, my like minded friends, and watching us rise above the chaos that is our world.